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Friday, 9 July 2021

Square Will Make Hardware Wallet for Bitcoin

Square Will Make Hardware Wallet for Bitcoin


Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Square (financial payments company) and Twitter announced in a tweetstorm that very soon the company will make a hardware wallet for the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Dorsey is very avid and enthusiastic about his interest in Bitcoin. His Twitter bio also says “#bitcoin.”  

Square’s hardware lead, Jesse Dorogusker, confirmed the company’s decision through his Twitter account yesterday, “We have decided to build a hardware wallet and service to make bitcoin custody more mainstream. We’ll continue to ask and answer questions in the open. This community’s response to our thread about this project has been awesome - encouraging, generous, collaborative, & inspiring.”   


In October 2013, Square launched Cash App (formerly known as square cash). The purpose of this app was to allow person-to-person cash transfer via app or website. In 2015, the company introduced Square Cash for businesses, enabling businesses and organizations to send and receive cash. Now, Square is expanding this app to allow users to buy and sell bitcoin. 

The manufacture of a hardware device for Bitcoin will make the concept of cryptocurrency more acceptable for people. We can expect that in the future, the company will integrate the app with this hardware wallet.  

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