Amazon One: Pay by Scanning Your Palm and Avoid Waiting in Line!

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Amazon Palm Scanning: The future of digital payments?

Amazon Palm scanning payment technology, known as Amazon One, is all set for a significant expansion across the U.S. The tech giant has announced that it will come to all 500+ Amazon-owned Whole Foods Market stores nationwide by the end of 2023. Amazon One will simplify the payment method, and the customers at Whole Foods Market will no longer need their wallets and stand in long queues for payment.


How Does Amazon One Work?


Every palm has unique and indiscernible features. Amazon One device is designed to capture and encrypt the palm image and uses it to create a unique palm signature. By hovering over the palm over the device, it recognizes the enrolled palm and uses the embedded information for transactions.


First time Amazon-One users can pre-enroll online by entering their debit or credit card information, Amazon account details, and mobile number. They can complete enrollment by scanning their palm whenever they visit the participating Whole Foods Market stores or anywhere Amazon One is available.

Amazon One palm scanning technology is also available at some third-party locations. With this new partnership, the Panera Cafe becomes the first national restaurant to let diners pay with their palm scan and use their loyalty points. Some travel retailers like Hudson, OHM and CREWS have also deployed Amazon One at their airport stores.


The palm scanning technology has also received criticism from the privacy advocates. They say that the biometric data can be misused. Amazon says that customers have to opt-in to using One, and those who do their data is “securely collected”.

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