The Most Powerful Grimlock in the World Debuts at $1700

Robosen’s Transformers introduces the world’s first dual-form, bipedal walking robot, “Grimlock”.

A company named Robosen is determined to find out how much Transformers fans will pay for their ultimate action figure. The company will ship the auto-converting robot “Grimlock” this fall for a whopping $1700.

Grimlock features ultra-precise assembly techniques and advanced SOC chip technology, and it is equipped with a comprehensive robot operating system. It is engineered with 34 small high-torque and high-efficient servo motors that activate seamless conversion and ensure stable and smooth movements. The 6-axis IMU sensors constantly monitor the robot’s balance, ensuring even greater stability. 150+ original Transformers audio lines are exclusively recorded for Robosen by Gregg Berger. These lines are paired with robotic actions and provide an immersive entertainment experience to the customer. It can also understand 42 voice commands. Users can control Grimlock in both dino mode and robot mode simply from the app.

You can pre-order your Grimlock from the following link.


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