Razer Takes N95 Mask to the Next Level

Razer Takes N95 Mask to the Next Level


Covid-19 introduced a new norm in which wearing a mask became mandatory to stop the spread of the virus and for the safety of everyone. Several companies came forward with their designs, claiming not only safety but also comfort and style. Razer also introduced “the world’s smartest mask” on Tuesday. The company has not declared any price or release date yet. 

Razer calls its high-tech mask surgical N95 respirator. It offers high bacterial filtration efficiency along with fluid resistance against large droplets and splashes. This mask has detachable ventilators that have the capability of filtering 95% airborne particles and allows active airflow. This mask comes with a special wireless charging case that performs a dual function. It kills bacteria and viruses with UV light and also charges the mask when kept inside it. This makes its use easier as compared to disposable and cloth masks that require proper disposal methods or washing. 

Another problem that comes with masks is the fog that accumulates on the glasses when they are rested on the top of the mask. This problem is solved due to the clear and transparent design that makes social interaction easy and comfortable. People can see facial expressions through transparent design. The mask turns into a low light mode and its interior lit up in the dark. This is not enough; the mask offers a combo of built-in mic and amplifier which makes sure you are audible. 

The filtration efficiency can be maintained by changing the filters in the ventilators. They are battery operated and can work all day long. Disposable masks are not environment friendly and can’t be easily disposed of whereas the smart mask introduced by Razer is made of scratch-resistant recyclable plastic and are waterproof. The mask can be customized according to face shape and exerts less pressure on ears. 




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