WhatsApp Introduces the “Disappearing Messages” Features


WhatsApp Introduces the “Disappearing Messages” Features

WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned cross-platform messaging and voice over IP based service. It has more than 2 billion users across the globe. This freeware started as an alternative to SMS and gradually some advanced features were introduced, like sending a variety of media including photos, videos, documents, locations, voice messages as well as making video calls.  

WhatsApp holds a treasure of memories in the form of conversation and media. While it feels great to keep this treasure but sometimes keeping it for so long makes it difficult to remember the original conversation. Today, on 5th November 2020, WhatsApp introduced another feature that, when enabled, disappears messages after seven days. This feature makes the conversation more private and lighter. Now users will not have to scroll back to get the shopping list, contact number, or any address sent by someone as it will be there while needed and will disappear on its own. 

This feature can be enabled by any user in end-to-end conversation, while in group chat, only the admin can enable this function. Just type in the chat name n scroll down to the “disappearing messages” option. It will not affect the older messages. If the user doesn’t open the app within the seven-day duration, the messages will still disappear if the option is active, however, the preview of the deleted messages viewed in the notification until WhatsApp is opened. If the user creates a backup of messages before activating this option, the disappearing messages will be stored in the backup and will get deleted once the backup is restored. 

WhatsApp Introduces the “Disappearing Messages” Features

 As a precaution, use this option with only close family and friends as it will be possible to take screen-shot of the messages before they disappear and save them. The media received in the chat will be automatically downloaded in the photos if auto-download in turned-on while it will disappear in WhatsApp after seven days duration. 



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