Amazon Introduces Amazon One


Amazon Introduces Amazon One

Amazon always finds ways of making the shopping experience of its customers easier and innovative. This time it proudly announces Amazon One, a unique, fast, and easy way that will enable people to carry out their everyday purchases and sales through their palm without making any contact with the device. For signup, you need a credit card. Once you insert your credit card and hover your palm over the device, it pairs your palm with the card and saves that information after taking you through some prompts. It gives the option of enrolling with just one or both the palms. This process takes less than a minute. It is considered secure as Amazon One respects the privacy of data of its users and doesn’t share it with a third party and secondly, every palm has unique prints so misuse of this service will not be possible. This service also gives its user the privilege of privacy as no one can identify a person by just looking at the palm. The contactless approach makes it more outstanding by considering the current situation of the pandemic. 


No more of your precious time would be wasted by standing in long queues or waiting for the cashier to process your purchase. At first, this service will be used in two Original Amazon Go stores in Seattle, later on, it will be extended to other Amazon stores as well. 


Apart from payments, this novel service could be used for any type of authentication like entering offices, stadiums, or any gated locality. The goal of the company is to offer this service to other businesses as well who can ask for it by simply contacting them through an email. 


Amazon Introduces Amazon One

Though Amazon One doesn’t require an Amazon account for a signup, users can use it for managing their usage history. Amazon has always looked forward to giving easy options to its valuable customers, but if they want to discontinue using this service, they can delete their data through the device itself or by simply logging onto 

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