Bad Bunny’s Crocs Sold Out Within Minutes!

Bad Bunny’s Crocs Sold Out Within Minutes!


When it comes to shoe selection, crocs always lead to a debate, whether they are the most comfortable shoes, or the ugliest shoes, or both. Crocs selling quickly and at a ridiculously high price is hard to believe but the recent brand collaboration of Crocs Shoes with the Puerto Rican singer, rapper, and songwriter who is famous with his stage name “Bad Bunny” made it possible.  

According to the reports, these super comfortable shoes which not all are proud to wear went on sale on Tuesday noon, within 16 minutes they were sold out. The Bad Bunny Crocs glow in the dark and are adorned with some cool jibbitzJibbitz is small decorations that can be fitted in the holes of the Crocs Shoes and style them up. Bad Bunny has been seen wearing Crocs in his live performances and he knows how to carry them with attitude. When asked about his collaboration, Bad Bunny replied in an email, “I am always trying to be comfortable. It isn’t something that I suddenly decided to do, be comfortable. It’s something I’ve done my whole life. I always like to feel good about what I have on.” He expressed his joy over the sale of shoes within minutes. “WOW they were SOLD OUT in like 15 minutes I think,” he wrote. “FELIZ.” 


Bad Bunny’s Crocs Sold Out Within Minutes!

Lots of fans who couldn’t get their hands on the shoes expressed their anger and sadness. 


When the Bad Bunny crocs sold out and your bar ain’t even move #BadBunnyXCrocs

— lín. (@dorachapiadora) September 29, 2020

Me sitting at my computer for an hour thinking I was gonna get the bad bunny crocs

— Yunuen ♊︎ ☯︎︎ (@Yunuennnxo_g) September 29, 2020

Im about to make my own fucking glow in the dark crocs. I’m so pissed off lmao #BadBunnyXCrocs

— Jules Cole (@who_lee_uh) September 29, 2020

Next time you collaborate with someone as big as @sanbenito you better make enough for a good amount of fans not just resellers. Your methods are wack @Crocs #BadBunnyXCrocs

— Alan 🌵 (@4L4nd314) September 29, 2020

The quantity of the shoes was limited. The closing price of these crocs were $300 on StockX.  

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