Apple iPhone Users on iOS 14 Report Message Notification Bug

Apple iPhone Users on iOS 14 Report Message Notification Bug


Apple users are getting annoyed by the new bug they are experiencing with iOS 14. Last month it was reported by several users on Apple support and the Apple community that the new iPhone 12 series is not showing up notification for new messages. Later on, it revealed that all iPhones that support iOS 14 are experiencing this issue that confirmed that this bug is not related to the new iPhone 12 series but with the operating system iOS 14. 

According to the complaints, the messages are dropped in without any notification, alert, or red badge that appears whenever a new message is received. Some reported that the glitch was not only limited to text messages but other third-party apps including WhatsApp and Signal. Few also reported missing voice message notifications. All these complaints suggest that the bug doesn’t affect every user in the same way. 

Some users suggested ways of dealing with this bug such as doing a factory reset, force shutting message app, etc. The tech giant is already dealing with the battery issue that was raised with the rollout of iOS 14. The company released iOS 14.2 and iOS 14.2.1 that doesn’t seem to fix this bug. Hopefully, Apple will come up with a solution with the release of iOS 14.3 that is reported to release in the coming days. 




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