Google Celebrates Teacher’s Day 2020 by Changing its Homepage Logo

Google Celebrates Teacher’s Day 2020 by Changing its Homepage Logo

Google has lightened up its UK’s homepage with a Teacher’s Day celebration. Every year this day is celebrated on 5th October 2020. The pandemic-stricken year should be enough reason to celebrate this day with more zeal than ever as everyone knows that teachers have played an important role and their struggles are worth mentioning. 


UNESCO introduced World Teacher’s Day in 1994 to highlight the contributions and struggles of teachers and the roles they play in shaping the lives of their students. The day selected was 5th October but different countries celebrate this day on different dates and emphasize the rights and responsibilities of the teachers.  


Due to COVID-19 teachers went the extra mile to educate their students through online learning. This remote learning method came with lots of struggles and obstacles. Teachers who were not tech-savvy had to grasp the latest knowledge and teaching methods. They put their profession before their own needs. They are the real heroes who need to be appreciated. 


More than ever, teachers are stepping up to inspire, empower, and support our kids. As a dad and former teacher myself, I want to say thank you. We’re so grateful for everything you’re doing – as educators, as coaches, and as mentors. #WorldTeachersDay

— Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) October 5, 2020

Happy World Teachers Day! ⭐️

Education empowers the next generation, and teachers are the hands that help equip our leaders and learners. #PadayonSaPagtuon (continued learning) can only be possible with their passion and effort! 👩‍🏫💛

— DayonTuon (@dayontuon_ph) October 5, 2020

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