Best Animated Movies for Kids on Netflix

The current pandemic situation is challenging for everyone.
It has affected the world not only economically, but also socially and
emotionally. People are looking for more and more options for keeping the environment
of their homes healthy to relieve stress and frustration. The Internet is being
flooded with queries of how to keep kids engaged indoors. In such circumstances,
Netflix has proved to be a savior for working parents who have to work from
home but at the same time have to keep kids busy. Here are some good animated
which you can consider and enjoy with your kids

1. Klaus

This story is about a spoiled son of a rich postmaster
general who enrolls his son in the postman training academy in a hope of his
improvement but his underperformance forced him to send him to the far-flung
town of Smeerensberg with the task of posting six-thousand letters within a year.
The place comprises of people who hardly exchange words. There he meets an
introvert toymaker and their friendship blooms, resulting in spreading joy to a cold town that badly needs it.  

2. Gnome Alone

The high schooler Chloe and her mum move into their new house.
One night Chloe encounters a troupe of talking garden gnomes who are different
than what they seem. They need her help in saving the world from hungry Troggs.
The reluctant high schooler has to decide between chasing her desired middle
school life or take up a fight against the Troggs.

3. The Willoughbys

This story is about four siblings who want to get rid of
their selfish parents who are too enamored with each other to take care of
their kids. The make a plan of sending them to a “deadly vacation” by
fabricating a brochure. Mr. and Mrs. Willoughbys leave their kids behind. The
happiness of their freedom comes to a halt when they find out that their
parents had arranged a nanny for them. Tim gets himself and his siblings in
trouble by calling Orphan services. The nanny comes for their rescue and they
end up making a perfectly imperfect family of their own.

4. Duck Duck Goose

A carefree goose is abandoned by a migrating flock and their
leader Bing. Meanwhile, a pair of duckling get separated from their flock due
to the irresponsible behavior of goose. The movie revolves around a series of
misadventures and ends up in goose rescuing the two ducklings despite having an
injured wing.

5. Hotel Transylvania 3

This amazing movie is about a Dracula who runs a hotel along
with his monster fellows, daughter, and son-in-law. Tired of living alone and
not marrying again, Dracula becomes depressed. Misinterpreting his sadness as a
sign of stress from work, Dracula’s daughter books a cruise so that they can
have some family time together.  Dracula
falls in love with the ship’s human captain who works for her
great-grandfather, an old enemy of Dracula whose plan was to eliminate all
monsters on the cruise. She makes a lot of unsuccessful attempts of killing
Dracula but in the end, falls in love with him too.

6. The Breadwinner

This movie is about a brave Afghan girl who lives in Kabul,
Afghanistan under the control of the Taliban. Her Father becomes a physically
impaired hawker from a school teacher after the war. One day he gets unjustly
arrested by a young Taliban. His family is left without any male members who
could earn for them. In such circumstances her brave 11- year’s old daughter
disguises herself as a boy and takes on the responsibility of earning bread for
the family.

7. Next Gen

A teenage
girl Mai and her mother Molly live in Grainland, an advanced city where robots
are found everywhere. After her father, Molly filled the vacant space in her
life with robots causing Mai to feel neglected. At the launch of a product at
IQ Robotics headquarters, Mai bumps into a secret lab of Dr. Tanner Rice and activates
an attack robot accidentally. Their unusual friendship fills joy in the life of
Mai and together they face the vicious plan of a madman and evil robots.

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