PlayStation 5 Event has been postponed by Sony

PlayStation 5 Event has been postponed by Sony

Sorry gamers
we have bad news for you…!! The revealing event of PS5 which was scheduled on June
4th has been postponed by Sony because of recent protests
for George Floyd’s death
and the current pandemic situation. Sony is not
the first company who has delayed their PS5 revealing event, but most tech
giants are sticking to the idea of postponing their major reveals and events
including the
delay of Android 11 Beta announcement
by Google. According to PS5, this
surely is not the right time for such happenings as there is more important
news which needs to be focused.

PlayStation 5 Event has been postponed by Sony

The excitement in the world of gamers will come to a halt after this news as Sony
has been creating hype of this event for quite some time by releasing
small tidbits of the event and PS5 details

The event
has been delayed for an undefined period. Most people will view this as a
reasonable act by Sony while others will find it illogical as this release was a
great opportunity for people to escape from reality.

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