Facebook Plans to Reveal its First Smartwatch in the Summers of 2022.

Facebook Plans to Reveal its First Smart Watch in the Summers of 2022.


Facebook is working on the release of its first smartwatch next year in the summer. The smartwatch will feature two cameras on the display that can be detached from the wristband while taking photos and videos that can be shared across Facebook and Instagram. 

The front camera on the display is designed primarily for video calling while the 1080p back camera is used for shooting and sharing pictures and videos. The display on which these two cameras are mounted can be detached from the stainless-steel frame of the wristband. Facebook also plans to make it a fitness device to monitor heart rate. 

The main idea of Facebook was to provide its users’ smartphone-like device and control their ability to reach the consumer, circumventing Apple and Google’s dominance as the two major mobile phone platform creators on which Facebook depends to approach its users. 


By planning this device Facebook has opened up an area of competition with Apple. The two giants are already not on good terms with each other on some grounds. Apple has updated its privacy policy regarding data collection for some apps like Facebook, which is quite aggressive. Facebook has experienced backlash regarding the data handling of its users. In this scenario, the feature of the heart rate monitor would create a hindrance for Facebook to convince people to buy the competitor of the Apple Watch.  


The watch will come in three colors white, black, and gold. Facebook will release its first version in the summer of 2022. It is already working on the second and third versions which will be released in subsequent years.  




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