Gigi Hadid Reveals Her Baby Girl’s Name


Gigi Hadid Reveals Her Baby Girl’s Name

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, the famous Muslim Hollywood personalities, welcomed their baby girl last year in September. While other celebrities involve social media in keeping their babies in the limelight, Gigi Hadid remained low-key. After four months, she silently revealed her baby’s name by updating her bio on Instagram that says, “Khai’s Mom.” Despite her not publicizing the announcement, the internet police detected the update, and the news started trending on Twitter. 

Gigi Hadid Reveals Her Baby Girl’s Name

Both Hadid and Malik haven’t shared Khai’s picture. Two weeks earlier Hadid shared the picture of Khai’s hand on Instagram with a caption, “my girl!”.

 Another picture shows Hadid pushing baby Khai in her carriage and shared the memory of her first snow in the NewYork city. 

Other few pictures shared also don’t show her face.



Since Hadid has shared her name, maybe she will share more of her pictures.  

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