Google Maps Introduces New Feature Related to COVID-19 and Safe Transit Info

Google Maps Introduces New Feature Related to COVID-19 and Safe Transit Info
Image: Google Maps

Google Maps
is one of the most reliable and trustworthy navigational apps, providing its
users with the best possible route while traveling and giving knowledge of the
nearby places along with the traffic information. This app has undergone a couple of amazing updates and now Google Maps has again rolled out an important
update because of the current pandemic situation of the world.

around the globe are gradually lifting the lockdown and trying to resume their
daily activities despite the prevalence of coronavirus. In such a situation the
knowledge of less crowded places and other transit information becomes crucial.
Google Maps came forward with an amazing new feature that will help its users in
traveling, either by car or public transport.

Transit and Pandemic Related Information 

transit is affected by COVID-19 and if you are looking for public transport
then this update will let you know about all the alerts given by local transit
agencies and you can prepare accordingly. Transit alerts are starting in
Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, France, India, Spain, Thailand, United
Kingdom, Netherlands, Mexico, and the US. More countries will be added soon.
The alerts can be related to temperature checkups, wearing masks on public
transport, etc. It will also notify you about COVID_19 checkpoints and
limitations along the route especially if you are crossing any national border.
This national border alert is first rolling out in Canada, Mexico, and the US

If you need
directions of medical facilities and COVID-19 testing centers then you will be
given information related to appointments and other necessary guidelines to
avoid extra strain on health workers and you being turned away. The app will
show these alerts when they will receive data from the authoritative state, federal government, and other local transit agencies.

COVID-19 has made getting around more complicated. We’re helping you get from A to B with new features that alert you to important information and allow you to safely avoid crowds on public transit →

— Google Maps (@googlemaps) June 8, 2020

High Traffic and Crowded Places

the current pandemic, commuters need to know how crowded or comfortable their
ride will be? Google Maps have previously introduced a feature where the users
can get information related to how crowded a particular bus line or route can
be. You can easily contribute your own traveling experience which will not only
help other users but also keeps Google Maps up to date. To ensure social
distancing you can look at live data to know how busy a particular route is. 

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