Tesla will Design a 12-Seater Electric Van for The Boring Company’s Airport Tunnel Project

Tesla will Design a 12-seater Electric Van for The Boring Company’s Airport Tunnel Project
Source: The Boring Company

of the pandemic and the recent protests going on in the world, the past few
weeks have proved to be good and lucky for Elon Musk as his aerospace
manufacturer and space transportation company SpaceX successfully launched astronauts into space and proved to be the first private company to achieve
this status and on Saturday it was announced that the high-speed underground airport
connector project in San Bernardino County, California is also handed over to
Elon Musk’s The Boring Company. The news is that a special vehicle designed by
Tesla is also a part of this project.

Details are
that on 3rd June 2020, The San Bernardino County transportation
Agency voted in favor of the proposal by The Boring Co. which will build a
high-speed underground tunnel connecting Rancho Cucamonga to Ontario
International Airport. The tunnel would be 2.8 miles long and passengers will
move at 127mph in an electric vehicle but what vehicle will move at this speed
without passengers driving on their own? The answer is TESLA!! Tesla will
design a 12-seater vehicle which will have the capacity of seating 12
passengers along with their luggage. The projected is estimated to be around $60
million which is much cheaper than the $1.5 billion above-ground rail project alternative
and will have the capacity of carrying 1200 people per day to and from the
airport. The underground tunnel project is expected to take three-to-four years
to complete. 


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