Google Will Display Watch Options for NBA or MLB Games Right in Search


Sometimes looking for options for live streaming becomes a headache and people get frustrated but looks like Google is now putting a stop to the old traditional way of getting traffic and viewers by giving search feature of providing local tv and streaming links for NBA and MLB games when asked questions like “where to watch the lakers games?”. With this feature, it will be easier for viewers to tune-in to the channel airing the game they want to watch. 


Today the search giant is rolling out this new feature in the USA. Currently, it is giving options for NBA and MLB games but later on more leagues will be added. This feature asks for location data so that it can provide location-specific channels airing the games you want to watch. Besides this new feature, the score box and time remaining in the game will also be made available. 


In the future, Google will expand its personalized tv and movie recommendation ability it launched recently by adding carousels of live content from cable and broadcasting channels. When you want to watch something Google will provide options like “On Tv now” where viewers will be able to watch what is being aired now while “On Tv later” will show options for watching in future. 

Google Will Display Watch Options for NBA or MLB Games Right in Search

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