J. K. Rowling Unveils Her New Book “The ICKABOG”

 The Ickabog

J. K.
, The author of World fame fantasy novel Harry Potter is all set to
release her new book “The Ickabog” in November 2020. The idea of this book came
to her when she was still writing Harry Potter and she intended to publish it
after finishing the renowned novel but Rowling ended up keeping its first draft
in her attic where it remained for quite some time. This story is different
from Harry Potter and there is no magic in it. It talks about the truth and the
abuse of power. Considering the current pandemic situation the author decided
to release this book online for free in small chapters, every weekday from 26th
May till 10th July on The Ickabog website.

The Illustration Competition

The author
was kind enough to arrange the illustration competition for distracting children in
the current lockdown situation. According to her children can participate by
helping her illustrate The Ickabog and get their work featured in the published
book. Some suggestions related to illustration will also be given for each
chapter but imagination and creativity will also be encouraged.
In November
2020, the book will be published in English in printable form, audiobook, and
eBook format. It will also be translated into other languages. The best drawings
will be included in the final book.  The
publishers from their respective territory will decide the best illustrations
as Rowling won’t be judging the drawings. However, parents can upload their
children’s drawings on twitter with hashtag #TheIckabog for Rowling’s comment
and share. For more information on the competition of illustration click on the given link https://www.theickabog.com/competition/


The author
is also known for her philanthropy. She will donate all the royalties from The
to the affected people of the pandemic.

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