Mark Your Calendars: Apple is Holding Another Big Event: “One More Thing”!


Mark Your Calendars: Apple is Holding Another Big Event: “One More Thing”!

Apple never fails to grab the attention of its customers by making important announcements and holding virtual events. The excitement and aura created by the tech giant about its upcoming products are so strong and intensive that people wait eagerly for its arrival. This year Apple has held many major events including Apple WWDC 2020,  Time Flies, and Apple October Event. All these events introduced several amazing products designed by Apple.   

On Monday, Apple announced that on 10th November, it will hold another event, “One More Thing”! The name of the event is noteworthy and highlights the arrival of a significant product. The former CEO, Steve Jobs, has used this phrase in several keynotes for a major product announcement. The last time tech giant used this phrase to mark the arrival of iPhone X in 2017.  

In the WWDC event, which took place in June 2020, Apple announced that it will switch over from Intel Processors to Apple Silicon CPUs. The company promised the arrival of computers having ARM-based chips by the fall of the year 2020. The decision was made in favor of better performance and low power consumption that could be acquired by using ARM-based chips instead of Intel’s processors.  

Rumors are that this upcoming event will hold the unveiling of the company’s first ARM-based Macs that runs on Apple Silicon Chips instead of the Intel processor that the company has been using since 2005.  

The event can be watched online at on 10th November 2020 at 10 a.m. PST.  

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