Realme Brings Magnetic Wireless Charging to Android

Realme Brings Magnetic Wireless Charging to Android


Realme, a sister company of Oppo and OnePlus, is the first to introduce magnetic wireless charging to Android. The company incorporated this latest technology in its new phone, the Flash.“MagDart” magnetic wireless charging system is the Android take on MagSafe, but more powerful.  

Meet the #MagDart crew in motion!
Leap to #MagForFuture and experience Ultra Fast Magnetic Wireless Charging.

— realme TechLife (@realmeTechLife) August 3, 2021

 Apple developed Magsafe to transfer power wirelessly to charge iPhone. It works with all iPhone 12 models and gives a maximum output of 15W. MagDart is not only new in the Android world but also more powerful than MagSafe with its maximum output rated at 50W.  

MagDart adopts the most advanced boron and cobalt magnets with magnetism decay of only 0.01% after two years. The magnetic force of MagDart is adjusted to 5 Newtons which enables it to hold even heavy objects ranging up to 0.5 Kg. It features an extra-large copper coil that produces less heat during electromagnetic induction and results in higher heat conversion efficiency. This produces lower charging heat and results in faster-charging speeds. The 50W MagDart charger features an active air-cooling system with a compact and powerful fan, that maintains the temperature of the mainboard and coil. To charge from 0 to 100, 50W MagDart wireless charger takes only 54 minutes.  

The MagDart ecosystem features some amazing accessories, including a Power bank, Beauty Light, and MagDart Wallet with an aluminum kickstand at the back.  

Realme Brings Magnetic Wireless Charging to Android

Realme claims that MagDart is the world’s fastest and thinnest magnetic wireless charger. Let us hope it fulfills the expectations of its customers.


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