Dyson’s New V15 Detect Vacuum Uses Laser for Flawless Cleaning


Dyson’s New V15 Detect Vacuum Uses Laser for Flawless Cleaning

Dyson’s new V15 detect vacuum is a clean freak’s dream come true. It uses a laser that helps to detect dust and clean it way better than any other vacuum available on market. 


Dyson unveils its flagship V15 detect vacuum that uses laser technology and also features a display that gives information related to the particle/dust intake. Dust is not visible in normal light, the laser beam that comes out of the lens attached to the vacuum illuminates the dust particle, giving a clear picture to the user of what he is vacuuming. With this vacuum, the user can not only pick dust but can also get information related to the size and amount of the dust particle that has been vacuumed. This information also gets relayed to the main motor which increases or decreases the suction according to the need. Additionally, it also displays different vacuum modes and the status of the battery. This amazing cleaning device is available for $699.99. 


Dyson also offers vacuum based on the user’s needs ranging from deep cleaning to quick and multidirectional cleaning. It also has some amazing cordless and upright vacuums with powerful suction techniques. 

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