Researchers say that an Inexpensive Nasal Spray may Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus


Researchers say that an Inexpensive Nasal Spray may Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Ever since the pandemic has struck the world, researchers and pharmaceutical industries are working day and night to develop a vaccine that could help prevent its spread. Developers are striving for a vaccine that is not only effective but also accessible to everyone. According to the World Health Organization, different vaccines are being studied and tested before they could be made available for mass production and distribution. 

Several measures are being adopted worldwide to prevent the spread of this disease until a vaccine is made available. Social distancing, washing hands, staying indoors, keeping proper hygiene, and eating immune-boosting foods are some of the familiar measures until recently, researchers came forward with a nasal spray which they claim can help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Moreover, it is also expected to be inexpensive.

Recent reports suggest that researchers from Columbia University invented a nasal spray that is believed to successfully prevent the spread of this pandemic. This nasal spray gave positive results when tested with ferrets and a 3D model of human lungs. The lipopeptide, which is a combination of peptide and lipid, doesn’t allow the Coronavirus cell to fuse with the target cells’ membrane by preventing a key protein from adopting a necessary shape. Researchers say that it should work immediately and last at least 24-hours. This spray is affordable, lasts longer, and doesn’t require refrigeration. 

However, as of now, it cannot be made available to the public as like other vaccines it has to pass the human clinical trials, mass-production, and its availability to everyone around the globe need to be ensured. The invention of the nasal spray where a vaccine is believed to take a long time is a big hope for people who want to live back a normal life.




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