Razer Surgical N95 Respirator Will Ship by End of This Year

azer Surgical N95 Respirator Will Ship by End of This Year


Razor talked about the design and manufacture of “the world’s smartest mask” at the beginning of this year. Razer’s Project Hazel takes the N95 mask to another level of innovation and creativity. The company announced at E3 2021 conference that this high-tech mask will start shipping in the early fourth quarter of this year. This means that in October you will be able to purchase this mask. 


The company also updated about the design. The mask still has replaceable N95 filters, a transparent front, and adjustable straps. In addition to this, it will feature silicon edges to secure the mouth and nose area. Interior and exterior RGB lightning to make you visible even in the dark and anti-fog coating to prevent fog accumulation on the glass. 


The company is a bit late in manufacturing and shipping its masks as COVID-19 vaccines are now available. However, there are still some countries that will need more years to vaccinate their entire population so people who are vaccinated can still use this mask while traveling to such countries for more protection. 


Razer didn’t disclose how much this mask will cost you and whether this mask will be available worldwide or not. An Instagram handle is available for you to check how you will look with it; in case you want to check first. 


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