Voice Tweet is Now Possible!

Voice Tweet is Now Possible!

Twitter is
an amazing platform where you can write and express your views. Over a couple
of years, this platform has evolved a lot by introducing text, videos, gifs,
and some other options which help in better communication. Sometimes a small
snippet of a message consisting of 280 characters is not enough to express your
thoughts and information thoroughly besides the person reading it cannot
understand the aura of feelings attached to it. So, to add more dynamic to its
platform, Twitter has introduced a new feature yesterday in which you can
record and use your voice instead of text while tweeting.

voice tweets are very simple, open a tweet composer and press the wavelength
sign. The recording button will appear below your profile photo. The length of
voice tweet audio is 140 sec. For longer voice tweets keeping recording, it
will automatically create a new voice thread.

You can Tweet a Tweet. But now you can Tweet your voice!

Rolling out today on iOS, you can now record and Tweet with audio. pic.twitter.com/jezRmh1dkD

— Twitter (@Twitter) June 17, 2020

listening to a voice tweet, press the play button appearing on a profile photo.
By default, the current profile picture will appear in the image and will not
update in case you change it in the future. You can continue scrolling down your
timeline or carryon doing some other work on the phone while hearing a tweet.
Currently, this feature is available for limited people on iOS but in the coming
weeks, everyone on iOS will be able to use it. 

This new feature will give more
human touch to the messages. Lazy people like me won’t be able to write text
anymore…. lol!! While this feature is useful for some people it may not be useful for deaf persons. Let’s see how people will welcome this new feature of Twitter 
and how
effective it would be in spreading messages and communication. 


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