Chadwick Boseman Worth Watching Movies 


Chadwick Boseman Worth Watching Movies

American actor and producer, Chadwick Boseman died this Friday night due to colon cancer. Fans, celebrities, and fellow actors flooded the social media network with his remembrance and showed their love and grief over his demise. He was a brave fighter and carried on his work and commitments amid surgeries and chemotherapy sessions. Several movies were filmed during and between his treatment. He left the world with some of his worth watching movies. The void left in the entertainment industry shall never be filled.  Some of his worth watching movies are listed below.

1. 42 (2013) 

42 is a true story of an American legend Jackie Robinson who became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball. MLB’s notorious color barrier made him a victim of immense criticism of the public, press, and fellow players. Despite facing racism, he played and his talent silenced the critics. Boseman very beautifully portrayed the biography of Jackie Robinson and was praised by critics, who not only approved of his acting skills but also appreciated the historical authenticity of the film. 

2. Get on Up (2014) 

Get on Up is another masterpiece of Chadwick Boseman. It is an American biography of a singer James Brown who worked diligently and struggled a lot to overcome the challenges of poverty and bad luck thrown to him by life. His perseverance clears the way to his successful career. The role of James Brown is played by non-other than Chadwick Boseman who put his heart and soul into the character to make this movie a success. 

3. Marshall (2017) 

Chadwick Boseman played several biographical roles and nailed each one of them. Marshall is a biography of a first African American Supreme Court Justice Thurgood marshal who fought several cases of wrongly accused black people. The story focuses on one of his cases where Joseph Spell, an African American chauffeur was accused of raping a rich white woman. 

4. Black Panther (2018) 

Marvel Entertainment’s first black superhero movie Blank Panther was starred by the great Chadwick Boseman. The casting was accurate and felt like Boseman was born for that role. Boseman came to limelight after performing in Captain America: Civil War followed by the two Avengers but nothing could beat the fame he got from Black Panther. 

5. 21 Bridges (2019) 

An American thriller movie in which Boseman acted as an NYPD detective and becomes famous for gunning down cop-killers. The movie focuses on a case where Boseman is given the task to investigate the murder of police officers by two criminals. During the investigation, Boseman (Davis) struggles to find out who is tracking him and who is he tracking as the case is folded by a massive conspiracy. As the case proceeds extreme measures are taken to track down shooters by shutting down all 21 bridges of Manhattan. 

Nobody can sense that the detective (Boseman) is suffering from cancer in real life. The acting is outclassed and flawless. 

6. Da 5 Bloods (2020) 

 It is an American war drama in which four African American vets return to Vietnam in search of the remains of their fallen squad leader and the treasure they buried while performing their service. Boseman acted as the squad leader. It is a fictional movie but pays tribute to some of the unsung war black heroes who served their country. The movie has some stock footage of actual soldiers. 





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