TikTok Creators Can Now Make More Money with the New Teespring Integration

TikTok Creators Can Now Make More Money with the New Teespring Integration


It’s been long since we heard the good news about TikTok. The ban threats of the Trump administration in the US and the recent resignation of TikTok CEO have put the future of the app at stake but it looks like the Chinese company is not ready to give up.  


TikTok is not only a fun app but it offers a serious business platform to the potential creators. Entrepreneurs and influencers can use this video-sharing tool to earn money by selling and advertising their products to their followers through the video. Recently the company announced its partnership with Teespring, an online customized merch platform. Teespring’s integration in TikTok will allow its creators to sell their products inside the app by sharing their link of Teespring product in the video.  Though the creators with the heavy following are already selling their merch by including their link in the bios. Through that link, they can sell their products but outside the app, while this integration will provide them a more sophisticated and streamlined way of selling products inside the app. The main purpose is to create a full shopping experience inside TikTok. How the merch shelf will appear in TikTok is not yet confirmed but let’s wait for some days till it becomes available for everyone. 


“Creators are the heart and soul of TikTok and we are constantly looking for ways to bring more value and opportunities for them within our platform,” Sean Kim, TikTok’s US head of product, said in a statement. “Teespring empowers creators to design and sell their own products, and this shared creator-first mindset made them the right partner for e-commerce integration. We are looking forward to building upon our ongoing commitment to support creators through monetary opportunities and, in the meantime, are excited to see what ideas creators bring to life on Teespring.” 


Creators who fulfill the criteria of the number of followers and the content they produce will be able to use this integration. The integration is in the beta testing phase and will be officially available in September. Currently, more than 7000+ TikTok creators have access to the private beta and according to a press release they will be able to create and design “from a choice of 180 different products as well as the opportunity to create bespoke products which are completely unique to them”. 


Reels, the look-alike of TikTok has no option of monetization. Let’s hope this integration will open new doors of success for TikTok and will give a hard time to its competitors. 

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