DJI FPV Review: Experience You Can Never Imagine


DJI FPV Review: Experience You Can Never Imagine

If you are a drone enthusiast and want to have an immersive and intuitive platform, then DJI FPV is exactly for you. DJI which is a reputable name in the drone market has unveiled another masterpiece DJI FPV (first-person view) and the specs are pretty cool. 

Cinematic first-person view drones are a growing trend in the drone market as they completely indulge the pilot and give him a flight experience, he has never imagined before. DJI is introducing its first-ever first-person view drone. It comes with the latest version of DJI FPV Goggles V2 and an optional one-hand DJI motion controller.


DJI FPV which is priced at $1,299 includes a drone, FPV Goggles V2, FPV remote controller 2, and an optional DJI motion controller. It is already assembled and can be used to fly right out of the box. Pilots can customize the appearance of FPV by choosing the color of sporting front LEDs and aircraft arm lights. The FPV Goggles are charged with an 1800 mAh, 9V battery that stays for approximately 110 minutes. DJI FPV also offers an audience mode that allows anyone to share the view by just setting another FPV Goggles V2 unit with the drone channel. 

DJI FPV Review: Experience You Can Never Imagine
Flight Modes:

For starters, DJI FPV has three intuitive flight modes that cater not only pro drone pilots but also to newbies. The “N mode” (normal mode) is for starters, who have little or no experience of flying a drone. It offers standard controls for drones and also features some safety features like obstacle sensing, emergency brake and facilitates hovering in one place using GPS and visual positioning systems. The “M mode” (manual mode) is for experienced pilots who can fly a drone with customized parameters and enjoy flying while having complete control of the drone. Another brand-new mode introduced in DJI FPV is the “S mode” (sport mode). It is a hybrid of the two modes and the pilot can use features of both normal and manual modes. 

Safety Features:

DJI FPV is packed with advanced technology. Flight assistant and some advanced safety features are also included in the FPV drone. These include hovering, emergency brake, return to home, low battery RTH, forward and downward obstacle sensing, a supplementary bottom light, ToF sensor, assistance in take-off, and landing. These features can be used in any mode with just the press of a button on the remote controller. 

Imagery and Videography:

DJI FPV drones deliver the expectations of powerful image and videography. With DJI FPV V2 Goggles, pilots can enjoy a real flight experience with a super-wide 150° FOV. Its camera can record 4K/60fps videos at up to 120 Mbps and store footage using H.265 or H.264 video coding formats. It also features RockSteady EIS technology which delivers ultra-smooth footage no matter how dynamic the flight is and with distortion correction pilots can get smooth results like never before. 


With the release of DJI FPV, the transmission system has evolved to O3 (OcuSyn 3.0). It has some impressive capabilities including video transmission latency of less than 28 ms. It can transmit HD videos within 10km of range at 50 Mbps. It also supports auto-switching between 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequencies and turns on fail-safe RTH if the signal gets disconnected.

DJI Motion Controller:

DJI motion controller is sold separately but it offers easy control of aircraft based on hand motions and is of great use for beginners. 

DJI FPV Review: Experience You Can Never Imagine
The DJI Virtual Flight App :

This app displays a live view of FPV Googles V2 on the smartphone when attached via a cable. The footage can be edited and shared on any social media platform. It also helps to find the famous aerial photography spots around the pilot. 

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