Google I/O 2021: What to Expect and How to Watch?

Google I/O 2021: What to Expect and How to Watch?


After a year’s absence due to pandemic, Google I/O is back. It is going to be virtual and everyone is invited. Google I/O is a tech giants’ big development conference which is packed with all the products and news Google has to offer to its users and customers. The keynotes will start on Tuesday 18th May 2021 at 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT. Viewers can watch the event by tuning into Google’s YouTube channel.


The Official description of Google I/O Keynote says, “Tune in to find out about how we’re furthering our mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” The link also offers registration and sign-in options but does not disclose what could be revealed at the big event. A few educated guesses about the event are listed below. 

Android 12

Google I/O 2021: What to Expect and How to Watch?

It is expected that Google will unveil the details of its upcoming operating system Android 12. Google has already released three previews which gave a sneak peek of the features and APIs. The Google I/O keynote will likely unveil the final look of Android 12. Some of the major features include audio-coupled haptic effect, splash screen API, AVIF image support, picture-in-picture improvements, etc. 

Pixel Buds A-series 

Google I/O 2021: What to Expect and How to Watch?
                       Google’s official tweet about the “Pixel Buds A-Series,” before it was deleted. Image: 9to5Google


Recently Google-owned Twitter account tweeted about Pixel Buds A-series and then immediately deleted it. In a marketing email, Google accidentally revealed olive-colored Pixel Buds, not previously seen in the market. Therefore, it is anticipated that A-series Pixel Buds are next in the making and will be low-cost and affordable. The deleted tweet also indicated one-tap Bluetooth pairing and an updated fast pair experience. 


Release of Pixel 5A 

Google always releases a budget-friendly variety of the already available flagship phone. Previously, Google Pixel 3A was unveiled in Google I/O 2019. Google Pixel 4A was expected in last year’s conference but couldn’t make it as the conference was canceled due to a pandemic. Now rumors are that Google will announce the release of Pixel 5A in the upcoming event, but the company could hold off the announcement if it would not be able to make a budget-friendly phone in large numbers due to the global shortage of semiconductors. 


Whitechapel Announcement 


Whenever a major event is about to happen, the rumor mill starts churning. It is rumored that like Apple, Google is also working on the development of its mobile processing chip called Whitechapel which will likely debut in Pixel 6. Let’s see if the company makes an announcement or maintains its silence since the company hasn’t talked about Pixel 6. Additionally, the global shortage of semiconductors also affects the large-scale production of chips.

Updated Wearable OS 

Several leaks confirm that Google is working on a Pixel-branded smartwatch which is expected to be talked about in the upcoming Google I/O 2021 event. Recently Google updated its wearable software and added Gboard for typing easily on the small screens. Hopefully Samsung’s first Google-powered wearable since 2014’s Gear Live will make its way to the market. Let see what other details Pichai will disclose in the upcoming event. 


Google Assistant and Smart Home Products 


The event will also talk about Google Assistant as Google mentioned in its developer’s blog that “new product announcements” and “feature updates” related to Google Assistant will also be a part of Google I/O 2021.  


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