Corning’s New Gorilla Glass Optimize the Performance of Smart Phone Cameras by Letting in More light.

Corning's New Gorilla Glass Optimize the Performance of Smart Phone Cameras by Letting in More light.


After succeeding and proving their worth in smartphone displays, corning is all set to conquer smartphone cameras. The company’s new glass composites, Corning Gorilla Glass with DX and Corning Gorilla Glass with DX+, offer both anti-reflective optics and scratch resistance along with the legendary toughness of Gorilla Glass. The company’s DX and DX+ range of glass will be available for smartphone camera lenses, starting from Samsung devices. The company claims that the new product will offer better optics performance in smartphone cameras.  

With time smartphone cameras have evolved and become more advanced. The company explains that this new technology will improve the quality of pictures as it will allow more light to enter the lens. Previously, 92% reflected light was captured to produce an image while approximately 8% was lost due to anti-reflective coating on the inside of the cover lenses, which reduces the image quality. This issue can be resolved by adding the Gorilla Glass DX products to the outside of the lens. This increases the transmitted light to 98% and also reduces the intensity of ghosting. Gorilla Glass with DX also maintains excellent scratch resistance of Gorilla Glass while Gorilla Glass with DX+ offers matchless scratch resistance approaching that of sapphire. This solves the issue of image aberration.  

The company says, “Gorilla Glass has been designed into more than 8 billion devices by more than 45 major brands.” Since 2016, its DX products have been used in more than 30 million wearable devices. Now they are being adopted on mobile camera lens covers. 

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