Health Benefits of Fox Nuts

Health Benefits of Fox Nuts


Covid-19 has made people more health-conscious. Staying fit and eating healthy meals to boost immunity is the main reason people are striving. When it comes to health, certain food groups are considered more beneficial. Almonds, walnuts, figs, and other dry fruits lose significance to eating fox nuts (also known as Phool makhana, lotus seeds). This superfood is packed with immense health benefits. Chinese use it as a medicine, and many Asian families use it in making their cuisine. It can be roasted and eaten as a snack or ground and used in making Panjeeri (Indian food made with dried food and herbal gums) or sprinkling on salads. 

Benefits of Fox Nuts: 

1. Fox nuts are rich in protein. Eating a hand full of it keeps ur appetite full and helps in keeping calories in check. It can be considered as a great snack while fasting or losing weight. Most snacks are either deep-fried or are packed with salt or additives but fox nuts are a natural source of keeping you energetic and healthy. 

2. If you are age conscious and are afraid of looking old, then this natural snack is exactly for you. Fox nuts are packed with immense anti-oxidants that make your skin glow and helps you in looking younger. The key is not to eat it as a fried item. 

3. Fox nuts are good for the heart. They are low in cholesterol, sodium, and fats. Since they contain good and low saturated fats, they are recommended for heart and cholesterol patients. They are rich in potassium which reduces blood pressure in hypertension patients. This superfood is packed in magnesium and folate that improves heart condition and lowers the risk of coronary heart diseases. 

4. They are good for diabetes. Fox nuts are rich in protein and good carbohydrates. They are low glycemic food which regulates blood sugar level. They help fight obesity and controls blood sugar levels if eaten in the right quantity. 

5. If you have chronic constipation and digestion issues, start eating fox nuts. They are rich in fiber and helps to improve gut health. Thank me later next time when you poop! 

6. Another benefit of fox nuts is that they work as a great detoxifying agent. They aid in flushing out toxins from the body. They make the spleen stronger and improves the defensive system of the body. They also help in the recycling of red blood cells. 

7. Infertility is another issue that is becoming common these days. Fox nuts are nature’s way of dealing with infertility. They are considered as an aphrodisiac, which increases sexual desire and pleasure, helps fight premature ejaculation, and improves the quality of semen. They are great for women who are dealing with infertility. 

8. Fox nuts or Phool makhanas are extremely beneficial for pregnancy. Their high nutritional value makes them important for the growth of the fetus. The important nutrients present in them help improve the central nervous system of the fetus and enhance its development. They can be eaten in all three trimesters. Insomnia, diarrhea, gum pain, and other pregnancy issues caused by hormonal changes can be solved naturally by this superfood. 

Side Effects: 

Any food even if it is packed with lots of nutrients becomes dangerous if not consumed in the right amount. Moderation is the key. Fox nuts have some side effects if they are consumed in excessive amounts. 

1. They can cause allergies in some people who are allergic to nuts. 

2. They lower blood sugar levels so diabetic patients should avoid excessive consumption.

3. If not eaten in the right amount, they can cause constipation, gas, and bloating. 


The information contained in this post is for general purposes only. Please consult experienced dieticians and nutritionists before eating any food/nuts.  

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