New Moon Aug 19, 2020: How Will It Affect You?

 The new moon on August 19, 2020, marks the beginning
of a new cycle. How does this affect each zodiac sign?

New Moon is a phase of the Moon that we cannot see from Earth, as
only the far side of the Moon is illuminated. It may seem that the Moon
has disappeared from the night sky, but it is there, and just merges with the

At the same time, for
observing the night sky, this time will be ideal, since the stars appear much
brighter in the dark, moonless sky.  

The new

 moon in August 2020: what
date and at what time

This month in 2020, the new moon falls on  August 19 at 02:41 UTC (05:41 UTC) .

From the point of view of astrology, the new moon personifies a
new beginning and is the most suitable time to materialize desires and express
your intentions.

The new moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and although you may not be able to clearly see the moon, it has
a powerful energy.

The new moon on August 19, 2020, will be in the fire sign of Leo,
which will give a burst of creative inspiration to all signs of the zodiac. If
you have any passions that you’ve always put aside, the new moon in August is a
great time to sow the seeds and start making your dreams a reality.

New moon affects mood

In astrology, the new moon often encourages us to reflect on where
we are now and what we want in a calmer state of mind. It’s best to give
yourself a separate space and time and listen to your inner voice. Don’t
be afraid to ditch big events in favor of privacy.

May lead to drowsiness

When the moon becomes dark during the new moon, you may be tempted
to go to bed earlier. Since the moonlight is not as bright during the new
moon, the energy level also drops.

You will feel more
motivated to achieve your goals

A new moon occurs when the lunar disk is practically invisible,
but from that point on, the moon begins to grow until it reaches full moon a
few weeks later, which increases our motivation and helps us focus on our

New Moon is a good
time for self-care and positive thoughts.

New Moon is associated with hopes and opportunities, so it is very
important to show kindness, caring, positive and caring attitude towards

Don’t spend time with people who are discouraged and pessimistic. Engage
in activities that bring you joy and action.

will the new moon in August 2020 affect your zodiac sign?


The new moon will bring Aries a playful mood and energize you. You
will feel a surge of energy and a willingness to take on new creative projects,
and maybe even start a new hobby. Communicate more, don’t be afraid to be
creative, and let your passions guide you.


Your home is your stronghold, and you might want to make some
improvements to it. Use the energy of the new moon to bring your creative
ideas to living space. You can move furniture, hang a painting, or add
more color to your home design.


Chatting with old friends will bring you a lot of joy and
inspiration during the new moon. Connect with people you haven’t contacted
for a long time. Perhaps these conversations will revive your cravings and
give you a boost of energy.


The new moon will help you realize that you deserve better. Astrologers
advise Cancers not to be afraid to pamper themselves. Treat yourself to a
massage, travel, or just relax. The main thing is not to overdo it and not
waste money thoughtlessly, since the energy of the new moon can make you lose
your head.

A lion

A new moon in your sign is a great time to take care of your
image. A new outfit, jewelry, personal care – all this will only benefit
you. Experimenting with your looks can open up new sources of creativity
for you.


Leave your practicality aside and allow yourself to fantasize a
little. Time alone doesn’t always mean you have to do everything in the
house or just sleep. Think about your dreams, don’t be afraid to open up
to new opportunities. Write down your wildest desires.


No one knows better than you how to bring harmony and balance into
life. The energy of this new moon demands more confidence and leadership
from you. It can be at work, with your friends, or for the sake of
justice, which is very close to you. Don’t be afraid to take
responsibility and share your creative vision for a better future.


It’s time to show courage in your career. If you’re looking
for a new job, feel the urge to share creative ideas with your boss, or are
obsessed with a pay raise, now is the perfect time to take action and speak up. The
odds are on your side.


Your freedom-loving nature is torn out on this new moon. Say
yes to your craziest impulses and get ready for exciting new adventures. You
can unexpectedly book a trip at the last moment or sign up for training
courses. In any case, you will get a lot of new experiences.


Praise yourself for the growth and accomplishments you’ve made in
your personal life, not just at work. Set boundaries with others as
needed, and work to achieve intimacy and security in your closest
relationships. Be true to yourself, and this will help protect you from
all the vicissitudes of fate, so do it with confidence.


You love being around friends, but try to commit yourself to a
closer relationship this new moon. You may find that the people closest to
you are the ideal mentors for your freshest and most innovative ideas.


You are ready to clean up your calendar and change your daily
routine to unleash your talents. Instead of constantly trying to catch up,
focus on your goals and inspiration for this new moon. Start making
changes that will allow you to channel more energy into your hobbies.




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