OnlyFans is Getting Out of Pornography Business


OnlyFans is Getting Out of Pornography Business

OnlyFans is a London-based content subscription service that is famous for nude pictures and sex content. The content creators receive money through subscription payments from their users, the “fans”. The payment method is based on monthly, one-time tips, or pay-per-view features.  

Recently, OnlyFans announced the ban of “sexually explicit” content on their platform, which will be in effect from Oct 1st. Although other content creators like fitness experts, musicians, chefs, etc. also display their work on OnlyFans, the site gained popularity mainly due to sex workers. The company announced this change because of the mounting pressure from the banking and payment-providing facilities.  


OnlyFans say that despite this change, the content creators can still post nude pictures, provided they comply with their policies. This creates confusion as to where the company will draw a line between nude pictures and sexually explicit content. 


The site was praised for providing sex workers a safe and easy way to earn. Apart from amateur and professional sex workers, some famous Hollywood celebrities like Cardi B, Bella Thorne, and Tyga also have set up their accounts. 

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