What Samsung Announced at Galaxy Unpacked August 2021 Event?

What Samsung Announced at Galaxy Unpacked August 2021 Event?


Samsung unveiled four amazing products in Galaxy Unpacked 2021 Event. The Event went live on August 11, 2021. Here is what the event showcased.   

Galaxy Watch4 Series 

Brand Director – Consumer Marketing at Samsung, Oby Enyia started the event by introducing Galaxy Watch4 Series. Boy oh Boy!! You need to watch this beauty. This watch is a perfect amalgam of innovation and design and offers everything expected from a smartwatch. This super sophisticated watch is customizable. The straps are durable, round, and sweat-resistant. They are designed to fit the wrist perfectly, bringing the sensor closer to the skin so that the health apps can give accurate readings. The straps can be changed to match your personality and mood. The unique bezel interactions make navigation smooth and easy. This watch can be controlled through gestures. To answer phone calls, you need to move your hand up and down, and to dismiss alerts you need to shake your wrist.  

Samsung worked with Google to create a unified platform; Wear OS. Galaxy Watch4 series will be the first to utilize this platform. This means that users will be able to get the best of Tizen and Wear OS in one operating system. This watch will give seamless access to some amazing apps.  

This watch is a blessing for health-conscious people. The company claims about its collaboration with some industry-leading institutes for testing and verification of this device. Galaxy Watch4 series can measure ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and body composition. Body composition measurement can be made by touching the side electrodes of the watch with two fingers. The two electrodes at the back of the watch come in contact with the skin and the sensors send and receive signals to measure body composition data.   


You can buy Galaxy Watch4 for $249 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic for $349 from August 27 

Samsung introduced two new foldables at the Unpacked 2021 Event. 


Galaxy Z Fold3

Galaxy Z Fold3 is very stylish, smooth and light-weight. It offers best experience on both cover screen and main screen. When closed, it looks and works like a standard smartphone with 6.2-inch cover screen in use. The refresh rate of this mobile is 120 Hz. It features Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display, which makes screen visible even in sunlight. The same features are present on the main screen, making your experience wonderful. The 7.6-inch main screen gives you the experience of a tablet. The latest Ecodisplay technology enables immersive, dynamic and 29% brighter display with less battery consumption. It features 12 MP Ultra-Wide and Wide-angle cameras. Galaxy Fold 3 also has an under-display camera which disappears when the screen is opened. The Punch hole of camera appears only when you need to take selfie or want to video call. Not only visuals of this smartphone are top notch but it offers multi-dimensional sound with stereo speakers. Large size of the main screen means larger room available for the display, therefore most of the favorite apps are optimized to make the best use of extra space. This feature makes multi-tasking easy and increases your productivity. It offers 12GB RAM with 512GB internal storage. One UI gives you the feel of a PC-like experience in your pocket. Galaxy Z Fold3 is IPX8 rated. 


S Pen 

In order to take full advantage of a spacious screen, Samsung introduces an S Pen. The performance of an S Pen on both folds of the screen was a challenging task with Samsung accomplished with great innovation and success. The new S pen is designed with a rounded and soft rubber nib to prevent any damage on smartphone screen. It features an internal spring which acts as a shock absorber and automatically adjusts the pen pressure, protecting the screen from any scratch and damage. Samsung also increased the display responsiveness to 40%. You can do multitasking with this pen like watching a video and taking notes. For more information watch this video. 


Galaxy Z Flip3

Another foldable smartphone introduced at the Unpacked 2021 event is Z Flip3. This phone is compact and stylish and measures 4.2-inch when folded. The 1.9-inch cover screen is 4X larger than the original Z Flip. When closed you can conveniently access the apps and widgets and respond quickly through Bixby that is 35% faster than before. The refresh rate of 6.7-inch main screen is 120Hz. Galaxy Z Flip3 features 12 MP Ultra-Wide and Wide-angle cameras and 10 MP Front cameras.  You can take selfie or make video without opening Z Flip3 and simply pressing the side button. Thanks to the larger cover screen which acts as a viewfinder. When the flex mode of the camera is activated. It takes media on the top half of the main screen and shift controls on the bottom half. It uses auto-framing to optimize group photos. It can recognize up to 4 people at three and a half meters distance away in wide angle mode and automatically shifts to ultra-wide-angle mode to accommodate more than 4 people. The shots can be taken by voice command or by using Galaxy Watch. Galaxy Z Flip3 is IPX8 rated.  It offers 8GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage. It is available in four eye- catching colors namely cream, green, lavender, and phantom black. 


Galaxy Buds2 

Galaxy Buds2 earbuds are an update to Galaxy Buds Plus. They are available in 4 different colors and comes in a bud’s case that looks same from the outside but internally they match the color of the earbuds they carry. The company claims that they are the smallest and lightest buds they have ever created. They are comfortable and fits perfectly. They feature a woofer and a tweeter which results in a balanced and immersive sound quality. It offers active noise cancelling to prevent the background noise. With ANC on, the battery can last up to 5 hours and when it’s turned off the battery can work for 7.5 hours. When kept it case, they can continue to work for 20 hours. When the ambient sound mode is enabled, you can interact and listen to your surroundings as well without taking off the earbuds. Buds2 deliver advanced call quality which enables the other person on call to listen to your voice clearly even when you are at a noisy place. They are also designed to minimize wind disruptions. They connect seamlessly with Galaxy Z Fold3, Galaxy Z Flip3, and Galaxy Watch. With auto switch you can easily shift from earbuds to another device in a Galaxy ecosystem. Galaxy buds2 will be available on August 27 for $149. 


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