Hyundai Confirms its Acquisition of Boston Dynamics

Hyundai Confirms its Acquisition of Boston Dynamics


Officially Boston Dynamics is now a part of Hyundai Motor Group. The deal was officially announced today and as a result, Hyundai now owns the controlling interest of an 80% stake in Boston Dynamics, valued at $1.1 billion. Boston Dynamics is famous for its commercially available robo-dog Spot. Hyundai is the third company that owns Boston Dynamics. Previously it was purchased by Google in 2013 and later in 2017 by Softbank, which still has a 20% stake through an affiliate. 


Hyundai’s purpose of this acquisition is to excel in the field of robotics and utilize it to benefit mankind. The combination of technologies offered by Hyundai Motors and Boston Dynamics along with the partnership of SoftBank Group will help in the development and commercialization of advanced and intelligent robots. 


Masayoshi Son chairman & CEO of SoftBank Group said, “Boston Dynamics is at the heart of smart robotics. We are thrilled to partner with Hyundai, one of the world’s leading global mobility companies, to accelerate the company’s path to commercialization. Boston Dynamics has a very bright future and we remain invested in the company’s success.” 


Hyundai released a video on its YouTube channel where a robot canine was seen helping and guiding people. This video shows that the company wants to utilize its technology to benefit mankind. 

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