Roblox Will Soon Introduce Content Ratings to Limit Access to Sexual Content on its Platform

Roblox Will Soon Introduce Content Ratings to Limit Access to Sexual Content on its Platform


Roblox is an online gaming platform that brings people together all around the world through play. The company claims that it is ranked as one of the top online entertainment platforms for the audience under 18, based on average monthly visits and time spent. This community also consists of over two million developers that create their captivating online games through Roblox Studio. So, anyone using Roblox can design games and play games created by other developers. 


During the pandemic, Roblox received a significant increase in its users. This gaming platform connected families and kids who were home-bound due to COVID-19 and proved to be useful for parents who wanted to keep their kids busy while doing their office work. According to an estimate, more than half of its 30 million daily users are kids under 13. While Roblox has been a fun spot, it has some dark corners. Some games contain avatars that imitate sex, involve seductive and adult talk. The recent growth in its daily users has drawn attention to what is happening on this platform and what measures the company needs to adapt to protect its young audience. 


To address this issue, the company is taking extra measures to keep sexual material away from its young and underage users. Remy Malan, Roblox Corporation trust and safety VP told the Wall Street Journal that the company is focusing on the development of content rating to provide parents more control over the games their kids are playing. This approach is more useful than the current approach as it will provide more curated content to the kids. Malan didn’t mention when this rating system will appear but indicated that the controls will be easier to find and use. 


While creating an account, if the child says that their age is under 13, the list of age-appropriate games is shown in the “recommended for you” section. Parents can even monitor and restrict the games their kids can play on Roblox that are considered age-appropriate by the company. 

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