APPLE WWDC 2020: Revealing iOS 14, Siri Redesign, and Exciting New Features.

APPLE WWDC 2020: Revealing iOS 14, Siri Redesign and Exciting New Features.

The long-awaited
Apple WWDC 2020 conference started today and boy what an experience it was!!
The hype created was worth it. The online experience of the keynote was not
less than the previously held conferences. Tim Cooks at Steve Jobs Theatre
started the event by addressing two important things happening in the world. He
talked about the recent protests that happened in the world due to racism and
mentioned the launch of Apple’s $100 million racial equity and justice
initiative and how Apple’s products are connecting and helping people in this
pandemic. The conference covered different platforms like iOS, iPadOS, watchOS,
tvOS, and macOS.

The Company
revealed iOS 14 which has some really exciting feature

App Library

It not only
organizes apps but also reduce the pages for apps on the home screen.


Each data
rich Widgets in iOS 14 are in different shapes and sizes and can be selected
according to the need. There is another special widget called Smart Stack,
which when placed on Home Screen makes it possible for you to swipe through all
the available widgets and select what u want for the moment. It does it
automatically and caters to your needs accordingly.


Another new  feature which Apple talked about is picture-in-picture in which you can hover
over your video, while watching other documents or apps and can adjust its size
or slip it into the side of the display to continue listening to it in the
background. By this, you can enjoy watching video while doing other work


Another great
experience which is getting a major update is Siri. Previously Apple had a full
screen UI for Siri which hid the entire app in use but this time Apple came
with more compact design in which Siri’s icon just appears at the bottom of the
screen and does whatever it is asked for from fetching widgets to sending voice
messages and help in translations which can even work offline.


Apple has
also introduced a new app called translate which can also work completely
offline. It can translate 11 languages. It can carefully listen when you record
and translate.


Messages have
also been upgraded. Now you can pin any important message and bring it to the
top. Through Memoji you can create your avatar and customize it by giving it
different looks, iOS 14 has included many options for hairstyles, professions, age
group options, etc. It has also introduced a face mask for your emoji and tree new
memoji stickers. iOS has made some strong improvements to group chats including
threaded conversations and mention notifications.


Apple Maps
has improved a lot and it has become a great rival to Google Maps. In iOS 14
Map’s team will be working with some trusted brands for providing guides to
explore places, dining out, shop, etc. You can save them on the phone and use them
offline as well. They get updated automatically. They have added a dedicated
cycling section to Maps which will give information like directions,
elevations, steep passages, and staircases, etc. Cycling will launch in the New
York city, LA, Beijing, Shanghai, and San Francisco Bay Area. More cities will
be added soon. Another feature in Maps is the EV Routing routing feature which will
analyze the current charge of the car and will help you in getting to the
compatible station. Apple is working currently with BMW and FORD to support
this feature in its vehicles.


smart iOS 14 feature is Carkeys. You can unlock your car and start it with your
iPhone. The first car to support this feature is the new 2021 BMW 5 Series. The digital key has security benefits and it is simple in use.

App Clips

also introduced an innovative concept of App Clips which can be started through
a visual code or NFC. It is a small part of the app which can be used without
downloading the full app. It is just a piece of the software through which u
can accomplish your job quickly

Apple has
made a short highlight of WWDC 2020 event

Wow, Apple made a short WWDC 2020 highlight. 2 hours WWDC 20 to just 2 min!! Amazing 🙂#WWDC20

— Yuki Matsuzawa (@Matsuzawao629) June 23, 2020

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