Top Fitness Apps During ‘WORK FROM HOME’


Top Fitness Apps During ‘WORK FROM HOME’

Many of us are spending a big chunk of our time at home due to pandemic and lockdown restrictions around the world and companies are encouraging this work from home routine. While it may be convenient for most of the workers who previously had to commute on daily basis and spend a significant amount of time on the road but with this convenience, comes a lethargic and lazy routine that if not looked upon can create various health issues. This is the situation that needs immediate addressing by following various fitness programs and when it comes to following a fitness program no one can deny the wonderful role a mobile app can play!  

This post lists down a few mobile fitness apps and discusses features that they offer to their users thus enabling them to make a correct choice according to their needs. 

1. C25K  (Couch to 5K)

C25K  (Couch to 5K)

C25K makes your phone your running guru or audio coach that tracks your running. It provides you with a training schedule of running, walking, and jogging which gradually increases your stamina by increasing your workout time each day you follow it. 

The app has both Android and iPhone versions and is also available for apple watch. The free version shows ads while the paid version is ads-free. But both free and paid versions have full features. Plus, the app company has exclusively partnered with MyFitnessPal. 

If your phone is not with you during running then this app has the feature to add the details offline. The app can be integrated with your favorite music service so that you can listen to your favorite music while you jog. The app can also be integrated into your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. 

It alerts you about your scheduled workout time and keeps on reminding you until you meet the weekly target which is great in the sense that it provides a flexible schedule that can always be planned again if missed. 

The goal is to enable you to jog for 5 miles in 8 weeks. The app achieves this by starting a 30-minute training which suggests a 60 seconds jog after every 5 minutes of walk. You do it for 3 days a week for a total of 8 weeks. The app maps your workout at the end of each session so that you can track your increasing stamina. Each successive day increases the jogging time while gradually reducing the walk time until you reach the goal of 5K. The process does not stop here and it prompts you to download 10K app and so on until you are perfect for a 26.2 miles marathon. The app maker Zen Labs applies this idea to other fitness goals e.g. pull-ups and push-up in other apps, which is quite wonderful. 

By installing the app, you become part of a community of newcomers and share your experience and can learn at a faster pace by sharing ideas. 

2. PIIT Pocket


PIIT Pocket

PIIT Pocket is an app inspired by PIIT28 (Pilates Intense Interval Training) fitness program. This program provides a workout and nutrition plan and is developed by famous POP Pilates trainer Cassey Ho who also runs her health and fitness YouTube channel blogilates’. 

The app is best used by purchasing a monthly or yearly subscription which costs 9.99$ and 99.9$ respectively. By doing so one gets access to a big library of workouts and nutrition plans, so this app is your workout and nutrition trainer at the same time. 

PIIT28 provides you with 28 minutes of intense training. This time is divided into 4 rounds with each round having 7 workouts of 45 seconds each. By adding 15 seconds of rest at the end of each workout the total time sums up to 28 minutes hence the name PIIT28. The 7 workout episodes cover your entire body along with Cassey’s voice to guide you about when to start, when to stop, and the next workout. The app allows you to make custom workouts in case you feel like eliminating some of the workouts for better ones. 

The app offers 300+ recipes with nutritional facts, pictures, and ‘how to make’ details. You can choose a vegan diet if you like. The app offers a calendar in which you can schedule your workout and meal plans. 

3. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

NTC is an app by Nike. It is a very flexible app that allows you to customize both your workout schedule and work out types so that every detail is for you to decide. Workout customization involves deciding about the muscle group you want to focus on like upper body, core, and lower body. Time customization is about setting a workout time according to the available time slot you have.   

Whether you don’t like using exercising equipment or have access to meager resources of having a full-fledged gym this app is for you as you have a variety of workout plans to choose from. 

The app acts like a real trainer when it provides you with the video detail of all the inbuilt workout so that if you are doing something wrong you can correct your posture with its help. 

NTC has premium programs, workouts, and expert tips. The plans can have 6-8 weeks duration and can help you achieve various goals like strength, flexibility, and toning-up. 


4. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal should be your choice when you want to monitor both your food intake and exercise. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, change your eating habits, or shifting on a new diet MyFitnessPal serves the purpose. 

The app has one of the biggest food databases with nutritional information. Whether you are in a restaurant, a grocery store, or downloaded a standardized food recipe getting the nutritional information is a matter of scanning the barcode feature in the app. The company achieves this by maintaining a recipe log of all the famous restaurants and recipe imports. The app makes you eat a healthy diet by always suggesting healthy choices. Some of the worth mentioning features in the app are the calorie counter, nutrient tracking, and water intake. You can log your meals and maintain a diary of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All the suggestions and guidelines are based on the initial goal setting in the app so it acts like a nutrition coach for achieving what you aspire to achieve. 

The app has a variety of exercises to choose from and can also be integrated with existing fitness apps to log your workouts. Some of the apps it supports are Fitbit, Jawbone UP, Garmin, MapMyFitnessRunkeeper, Strava, Runtastic, Misfit, WithingsHealthKit, UA Record, etc. 

The app quantifies your progress in the form of reports and charts which you can share with your friends and family as the app has social networking options. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that by using this app you commit yourself to an entirely new lifestyle. 

5. Sworkit


Sworkit is for newbies who have just entered the world of fitness. If you want an easy way to get in shape without going through hassles of joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer then this app is for you. This is the only app in this review which also has something to offer to the kids as it has a library of kid workouts but can only be accessed with the approval of an adult. 

The app features a wide variety of workout types such as Weight loss, HIIT, Tabata, cardio, strength, yoga, and Pilates, etc. to choose from. The app has over 800 body weight and small equipment exercises and 400+ workouts. Another unique feature about this app is that it can act as your physical therapist too just in case you need one. The platform can also offer 1-1 assistance of certified personal trainers. 

SWORKIT has an integration option for google FIT, MYFITNESSPAL, and STRAVA. 

SWORKIT offers a 7 days free trial and then the user has the option for a monthly or yearly subscription. 

6. AutoSleep 


Good fitness level cannot be achieved with low energy levels and this is related to the amount and quality of sleep cycles. 

AutoSleep is your partner to achieve the above goals and is quite good at it if you need constant mentoring for your sleeping habits. Whether you are students, shift workers, pilots, train drivers, truck drivers, or someone with a sleep disorder this app is for you.  

The whole mechanism of rating the quality and quantity of sleep is automatic and is done without touching a single button. 

It tracks your bedtime consistency and guides you for a better experience. 



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