Twitter is Testing Full-Screen Fleet ads


Twitter is Testing Full-Screen Fleet ads

Twitter started Fleets globally in November 2020. This new facility enabled people to share their momentary thoughts and views. People can share text, Tweets, stickers, images, GIF, location and call ask any question in poll using Fleets. Now the company is taking one step ahead to provide its advertisers and partners the benefit of accessing their followers. To accomplish this, Twitter is launching a full-screen, vertical ads format in Fleet. 

These ads will serve as full-screen billboards between Fleets shared by people. Fleet ads will provide space for brands to share their products by using images and videos in a 9:16 aspect ratio. For videos, 30-sec of content will be supported. “Swipe-up” call-to-action can also be added by the brands. The microblogging and social networking service said in one of its blog posts that “For Fleets ads, advertisers will get standard Twitter Ads metrics including impressions, profile visits, clicks, website visits, and more. If the creative is a video, we will report on video views, 6s video views, starts, completes, quartile reporting, and more. 

Starting from today, Fleet ads will be visible to some people in the US on iOS and Android. Let’s see how this works in Fleetline. 



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