Apple Launches a Website for Apple Card Holders

image source: Apple

Great news
for Apple cardholders. A lot of iCard users have been asking for an online
where they can use and see their transaction and account-related
information. For the first time, Apple cardholders don’t have to rely on Wallet
for viewing their statements and managing balance. Previously the only way
available to pay off the balance in case of loss or no access to iPhone was to
call Goldman Sach’s telephone support. Now the tech giant has made this task easy
by launching an online dashboard where Apple card users can easily manage their

Last year in
August the tech giant launched the iCard, a new kind of credit card enabling
its users to experience a better financial life. It was designed to use from
Wallet App on iPhone and users were able to use it with Apple Pay in stores, in
apps, or online worldwide. This card has no fee or hidden charges, it motivates
you to pay less interest. It offers robust privacy and security to its users
with advanced technologies like Face ID, Touch ID, and Apple Pay. Its Daily Cash
plan allows users to immediately use the money they get back from every
purchase. Apart from all these facilities and offers the restriction of using
the card from phone only was causing frustration among its users as online
access to banking is considered more futuristic, while this feature was not
available for iCard.  At last, Apple
heard its customers and launched its web

The online
will also facilitate its users with scheduled payment plans, view their
past monthly statements in PDF format, and offer contact support for help

Apple has always
focused on the needs of its users and provided them with the best possible

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