What happens to your body if you drink coffee on an empty stomach every day

 Coffee is a tasty and healthy
drink, but very insidious. 
And it’s not about a cup or two in
the evening causing insomnia.

It turns out that even
drinking coffee in the morning
, especially on an empty stomach,
can cause unpleasant consequences.

What problems does the daily
morning ritual lead to, and how to avoid them, we understand the material.

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coffee on an empty
stomach: consequences

If drinking coffee on an empty stomach has not yet become a habit, then there is especially nothing to worry about: rare errors in
the diet will most likely not bring tangible harm.

But if this happens from day to day, it’s time to sound the alarm. Indeed, due to improper use
of the drink, digestion, the nervous system, and even hormonal levels can

1. Effect of coffee on digestion

The gastrointestinal tract is the system
that takes the coffee hit first.

Once in an empty stomach, the drink irritates the
mucous membranes and increases acidity. Over time, heartburn, pain,
bloating, and other unpleasant symptoms appear.

If you do not attach importance to them, you can easily get serious diseases: gastritis, ulcers,
esophagitis, and others. 

In this case, long-term treatment and a strict diet are required. By
the way, coffee-free.

Important! Coffee is rich in organic acids. Scientists
have found at least five of them in the grains. It is acids that are
responsible for the deterioration of digestion.

2. Coffee and the nervous system

Despite the fact that coffee helps to increase concentration, alertness, and improve
performance, it is as addictive as alcohol and tobacco. The habit of constantly waking up to an
invigorating drink containing caffeine will make the body “lazy”. The
brain will simply refuse to turn on without the usual doping.

It is interesting! Scientists
have even coined a term for caffeine addiction – caffeinism.

When trying to get rid of a bad habit, a coffee lover will get a full-fledged withdrawal syndrome
with irritability, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and other symptoms.

3. Coffee and hormones

Excessive love of coffee affects the
hormonal background.

The fact is that the drink stimulates the production of the hormone cortisol. The latter is
produced in the morning and is responsible for activity and vigor, and in large
quantities causes stress.

Important! Additional coffee
stimulation of cortisol production can lead to increased blood pressure,
increased heart rate, and anxiety.

To prevent an excess of the stress hormone from happening, the body inhibits natural production, almost
completely relying on an external pathogen.

Ultimately, drinking coffee
every day on an empty stomach will seriously disrupt the production of

Important! The invigorating drink
affects other hormones as well. For example, coffee can suppress serotonin

Who is absolutely forbidden to drink coffee on an
empty stomach

There are several categories of people for whom daily consumption of coffee on an empty stomach is
contraindicated, among them:

suffering from diabetes
and other endocrine disorders;

have chronic kidney

suffering from gastritis,
ulcers, duodenitis and other ailments associated with the work of the digestive

persons with diagnosed
gallstone disease, as well as those who have undergone removal of the

Why do they drink coffee on an empty stomach?

Without having breakfast, and not even really waking up, people are drawn to coffee for a variety of reasons.

Someone believes in the wonderful ability of the drink to burn fat and use it as a weight loss aid.

Someone is looking for cheerfulness, efficiency, and attentiveness in a coffee cup. And someone even considers the
drink to be a complete substitute for breakfast.

Doctors, especially gastroenterologists, are extremely wary of this way of starting the day. They in
no way detract from the beneficial properties of coffee but insist that it
should be drunk correctly.

Safety precautions when drinking coffee on an empty stomach

In order not to get an ulcer,
hormonal disorders and other “joys”, drinking coffee on an empty
stomach, follow the rules:

do not drink the drink on
an empty stomach too often;

do not forget about milk
and cream: they will help mitigate the destructive effect on the body;

give preference to a
natural product, ground or whole;

Do not get carried away
with three-in-one drinks with a lot of sugar, flavors, and other artificial

All the benefits of coffee, like any other product, can be offset by misuse. So, drinking it every day on an
empty stomach can cause negative changes in the body even in absolutely healthy
people, not to mention those with chronic diseases.



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