Red and white meat – the difference, benefits and harms

 It is common knowledge that meat is one of the richest
sources of protein, as well as many vitamins and minerals. 

But which meat is healthier? White or red? And which
meat is considered white and which is red? 

You will find the answers to these questions in our article.

Red meat

First of all, this is beef, pork, lamb and horse meat

Rabbit meat is partly of this type. 

Red meat includes the legs of chickens, geese, and ducks

Myoglobin, a special protein
found in muscle tissue, gives the meat its characteristic red color. In
a way, it is an analogue of erythrocyte hemoglobin. Myoglobin is
responsible for the transport of oxygen to skeletal muscle and heart muscle. Red
meat is a complete source of protein and amino acids that our body cannot do

The benefits of red meat

1. Rich in B vitamins

B vitamins are a group of water-soluble vitamins that our body
needs for normal growth, development and functioning. 

They play an important role in the functioning of the brain and
nervous system in general, and their lack negatively affects our mental

Also, a lack of B vitamins entails such consequences as acne,
acne, sagging skin, brittle nails and hair, insomnia for no reason. That
is, we can say that vitamins of this group directly affect our appearance.

2. Source of iron

It is red meat that contains a large
amount of iron
 , which helps maintain the level of red blood cells,
which, in turn, are important for the development of red blood cells. 

Iron is involved in blood formation. Iron deficiency is known
to lead to anemia and cardiovascular problems, so it is important for the body
to get this precious element in order to avoid health problems and overall

Iron is especially necessary for women during menstruation and
during postpartum recovery.

For athletes, meat is also a rich source of creatine . The
more it is, the more oxygen is supplied to the muscles. Such meat is
definitely recommended for children and adolescents who are still developing
their bodies. 

The recommended iron intake for women is 18 mg per day and for men
8 mg.

3. Source of zinc

Zinc regulates immunity by participating in the synthesis of
hormones of the main immune gland of the body – the thymus. 

The presence of the trace element zinc in the human body
contributes to the normal course of the development of bone tissue, stimulates
the growth and division of cells, tissue regeneration, reproductive function,
and brain development. 

It is known that approximately 30% of zinc is obtained from red
meat and meat products. Zinc contributes not only to long-term
functioning, but also helps to maintain youth and get rid of fatigue.

The harm of red meat

Often a product becomes harmful due to ignorance of the elementary
rules of its use. 

Practical research has also shown that red meats, consumed too often
and uncontrollably, increase the risk of developing cancer by 12%. 

If you love red meat, you should eat lean

Try not to eat red meat every day. 

And choose the right way to prepare it. 

Avoid fried foods with a
delicious golden crust and high carcinogen content to boot. 

As a result, you will significantly reduce all risks.

White meat is considered to be low in myoglobin. 

White meat includes chicken breast, turkey, rabbit meat. 

It is lighter, differs in taste and dietary qualities, it is
easier and faster to digest. In addition, chicken meat contains a lot of
phosphorus and potassium compared to other meats.

1. Low-calorie product

Despite being rich in carbohydrates and proteins, white meat does
not contain fat. That is why these products are used for dietary

People suffering from various diseases of the cardiovascular
system are prescribed to eat poultry meat. 

White meat is ideal for those looking to shed those extra pounds and
lower their cholesterol levels. By lowering bad cholesterol, we enable the
vessels to be elastic and reduce the risk of stroke and cerebral

2. Antidepressant

White meat contains tryptophan . This amino acid is
involved in the production of serotonin and melatonin, hormones that improve
mood and relieve nervous tension. 

Protein and glutamine , found in large quantities in
chicken meat, improve the functioning of the nervous system. 

White meat also contains B vitamins , which are essential for
normal metabolism. Vitamins B9 and B12 are considered especially important
for pregnant women and nursing mothers – they contribute to the normal
development of the fetus and support the well-being of the mother.

The harm of white meat

What does it say against white meat? First of all, it should
be noted that white chicken meat, in comparison with other types of meat,
contains very little iron and magnesium – trace elements that are necessary for
normal blood formation. 

White meat, as the main source of food, is not suitable for people
engaged in hard physical labor.

Another big disadvantage of chicken meat is the skin, which
contains a lot of fatty tissue. That is why, in order to minimize the harm
of chicken meat, it is better to remove the skin before eating it.

Both white and red meat are good for the body. The fact is
that it is not so much the type of meat used that is important, but its
quantity, as well as the method of preparation. 

You must remember that boiled and baked meat is the most useful
for the body. There is much less benefit in fried meat. Smoked meat
is so saturated with carcinogen that it is better not to eat it at all.


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