Facebook and Twitter Remove the Manipulated Video of “Two Toddlers” from President Trump’s Account after DMCA Complaint

Facebook and Twitter remove the manipulated video of “two toddlers” from President Trump’s account after DMCA Complaint

President Trump
has ruled Facebook’s platform for posting his misdirected views with whatever
command of language he desired.  Mark Zuckerberg,
the CEO of Facebook has defended him a couple of times despite being the target
by the critics. But it looks like he has to give in and take some action
against his don’t-give-a-damn sort of attitude.  Recently on Juneteenth, President Trump posted
a manipulated video, originally depicting a heartwarming moment of two toddlers,
and faked it to prove his point of fake news outcry by the media.

original video
which was posted last year attracted the attention and love
of the masses where two toddlers of opposite color race, ran towards each other
on the sidewalk to give hug. The essence of the news was to bring the point of “if
we could all be like this” into the limelight.

Whereas the
video posted by the President was the complete opposite. The manipulated video
had the CNN chyron and was made to appear as if CNN was reporting it. The video
showed a black toddler running away from a white toddler and had the chyron
reading that “terrified toddler running away from the racist baby”, then it
jumped on the original video where the two toddlers hugged each other and then
it ended on with the message “ America is not the problem, fake news is”. The
doctored video was made by a pro-trump meme creator Carpe Donktum whose
watermark can be seen on the video. The video invited a raging controversy and


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 19, 2020

One of the
child’s parents reported against this video and lodged a copyright claim. Jukin
Media, a viral video company who takes rights from people to make their video
viral also told CNN that
“neither the video owner nor Jukin
Media gave the President permission to post the video, and after our review, we
believe that his unauthorized usage of the content is a clear example of
copyright infringement
without valid fair use or other defense.”
after highlighting the video with “manipulated video “tag, later on, turned it
down followed by Facebook which also removed it from President’s account after
the DMCA complaint. 

Looks like President Trump got a lesson that he can play
against the tech giants’ policies but not with the copyright laws.

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