Galaxy Z Fold2 – coming of age smartphone with flexible screen, version number two

At the
presentation on August 5, they showed a whole scattering of products, we
discussed many of them in detail and in detail, but one smartphone remained
behind the scenes – this is the Galaxy Z Fold2. Continuation of the first
flexible screen smartphone that hit the market. Now is the time to correct
the omission and talk about it in detail

With the second Fold, not everything is simple, since at the big
presentation on August 5 it was shown, told about the characteristics, but did
not disclose the cost and the date of the start of sales. We will find out
about this on September 1 during the iFA, at the next virtual event they will
show Fold2 in all details and give the opportunity to place a pre-order for it.

During these days I managed to read a dozen different articles
about Fold2, in the American press it is usually called “correcting
mistakes”, as if the first Fold had failed. In Europe, the attitude
is calmer, they sort out what is new and what has changed. The European
approach is closer to me, since any new Samsung product is always about
correcting errors, there are no exceptions. The company has learned very
well how to collect feedback and add those features that are in demand by the
majority. In the first, the Fold complained about a small external screen,
a protruding camera block inside. Someone did not like the closing
mechanism, they wanted it harder and so that the halves were fixed
differently. All of this was implemented to one degree or another in the
new device.

The hinge has been redesigned, it has become simpler and more
reliable, but the self-cleaning mechanism remains. The second Fold is
tighter, the dimensions are 159.2 x 68 x 16.8 mm and 159.2 x 128.2 x 6.9 mm
when unfolded (the first Fold measures 160.9 x 62.9 x 15.5 mm, when unfolded it
is 160.9 x 117.9 x 6.9 mm). The thickness of the device in the expanded
form has not changed in any way, as well as the height has remained
approximately the same. But at the same time a little thicker when closed,
a little wider. As for me, this will not be a problem, in theory, it will
fit better in the hand.

It is better to open the device with two hands, but you can slam
shut with one.

Samsung simply didn’t fool around to make the glass non-glossy, as
it was apparently considered unnecessary. Most Fold owners use cases
(standard or purchased separately), the reason is that the case is very easily
soiled. What prevented us from making a case with a satin finish, like in
the Note20 Ultra, is definitely not clear, it would have avoided using a case.

Please note that now the cover is only on the back wall, there is
simply no place for it on the front surface, and it is inappropriate
here. Unlike the first model, the camera unit is more massive, protrudes a
little more, so the cover on the back of the case will come in handy.

The external screen is 6.23 inches with an unusual geometry – 25
by 9. The larger physical size makes it more convenient for quick answers,
typing when you do not want to open the device on the go. The resolution
is 816×2260 pixels, it remains narrow, and this is still a compromise. As
before, this is a Supermodel screen.

The internal screen has grown in size – 7.6 inches (7.3 inches
before), there is no camera block, and the front camera is hidden under the
screen. The resolution is actually the same – 1768×2208 pixels (372 pip),
the geometry also remains the same, which will be unusual for
beginners. But you will not get any noticeable shortcomings. The
screen supports 120Hz and it is 2X Dynamic AMOLED, which is the latest
generation of technology from Samsung.

Now comes the fun part. In Z Flip, the screen has a coating,
which makes it somewhat similar to glass. The feel is not the same as in
conventional smartphones, but the screen is not plastic under the finger, as in
the Fold. The technology has been tested in the Z Flip and now comes in
the second Fold.

About names – if the first Fold did not have any letter in front
of the name, then now it is Z Fold2. The explanation is that the entire
category of smartphones with flexible screens has been split into a separate
family – Z. And any device with a flexible screen will always be designated by
the letter Z at the beginning. Combed positioning.

The battery capacity has changed – 4500 math (4380 math in the
first one), it also consists of two cells. But the most important thing is
that there is support for USB PD. This guarantees fast charging from any
supported charger. This is a big story, as the first Fold in this area
lagged behind (having 45W or 25W charging everywhere, I had to charge the Fold
with wireless charging, it was faster!).

There is a camera for selfish both on the outside of the device
and inside – these are the same 10 MP modules, you have seen such in the latest
generation of Note20. A good camera, and there is nothing special to say
about it.

But the main unit of three cameras is somewhat similar to what was
in the first Fold. All cameras with a resolution of 12 MP (there are three
of them – wide angle, main and x2 zoom). At the same time, the modules
have changed, they have been improved in a number of characteristics. This
is the second branch of development in relation to devices named Ultra, and
here the algorithms for image processing are interesting, and the result is
frankly good. However, I’m not complaining about the first Fold either,
the pictures are excellent.

A little about the filling. Inside there is Snapdragon 865+,
but there is 12 GB of RAM, built-in 256 GB (in the first Fold 512 GB). The
reason that memory was cut in the absence of memory cards is simple. They
try to make the price lower. There is no other explanation. As
before, only one physical nanoSIM card, you can also add an eSIM.

Speaking about the capabilities of the Fold2, it should be noted
that its characteristics have been pulled up to the current generation of
flagships. And the device looks at the level, although, unlike the same
Note, it does not have S Pen support, I was always amused by these wild rumors.

The device has definitely become more interesting, but until
September 1, we can only guess what the cost will be. Samsung has clearly
improved the output of suitable screens for the Z-series, that is, the cost
price has slightly decreased. Consider the fact that the first Fold sold
virtually no mark-up from Samsung as it was an experimental model. The
competitors are still worse, they are practically not on the market, and the
crumbs that were released to demonstrate the technologies were more expensive
than their counterparts from Samsung. At the moment, in the flexible
screen market, Samsung holds 99% of sales. At the same time, it is unclear
who will be able to perform with their products, the same Huawei, apparently,
is temporarily out of this race. However, even before that, she could not
create serious competition.

There is a suspicion that the usual delivery of the Fold2 does not
include wireless headphones if this is the case, then the price of the set may
be about 1,700 – 1,800 dollars (1,980 dollars for the first Fold). In
Russia, it can be about 150 thousand rubles, which is pretty good considering
the course. But most likely, all the same, the model will be delivered in
the range of 160 – 180 thousand rubles, since the current cost of the Fold is
exactly the same 180 thousand. Perhaps the price remains the most
interesting moment for the Fold2, everything else with this device is more or
less clear.




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