Apple’s AirPods Max Hits the Market on 15th December


Apple’s AirPods Max Hits the Market on 15th December

Apple never fails at providing its customers with the best possible technology and devices. The tech giant proudly announced the launch date of its flawless headphones, the AirPods Max that will be available in the market on 15th December 2020. The aesthetically designed AirPods Max meets all the comfort and high tech demands of the users and provides the best listening experience and sound quality. 

AirPods Max provides high-fidelity audio and features active noise cancelation using transparency mode. The listeners will have a magical experience no less than a theatre. The headphones are remarkably designed and have an exceptional fit. 

Over the decade, headphones were boring and repetitive in terms of design and technology. The next-in-line headphones were the replicas of previous ones with little changes, but AirPods Max is equipped with the latest technology and up to date design. The design of the AirPods Max is completely reimagined, from cushions to canopy, everything is designed by keeping in mind the comfort and uncompromising fit that creates an acoustic seal for many different head shapes thus enabling the users to completely indulge in the sound they are listening to. The canopy that surrounds the head is made up of breathable knit mesh that reduces on-head pressure by equally distributing the weight. The frame of the canopy is made of stainless steel that is covered with soft and comfortable material. The adjustable arms are flawless, extend smoothly, and stays where they are kept thus providing a firm fit around the head. The anodized aluminum cups rotate independently to balance pressure around the ear. The ear cushions are made of custom-designed mesh fabric along with acoustically designed memory foam that not only provides pillow-like softness but also creates an immersive seal that is the base of incredible sound. The digital crown present on the cup of headphones helps to controls volume, skip tracks, answer a phone call, and summon Siri. This beautifully engineered product is available in five different attractive colors. 

AirPods Max uses six outward-facing microphones to detect noise in the surroundings and two inward-facing microphones to quantify the sound the user is listening to. The beamforming microphones segregate the user’s voice from the surrounding on phone calls. Users can switch to transparency mode to listen to the outside sound by pressing the noise control button and without putting off the headphones. AirPods Max pauses audio when the headphones are taken off and resumes once they are put back. With just one tap it can pair with an iPad or iPhone. It provides automatic seamless switching between iPhone, iPad, and Mac which means the user can take the call immediately on the iPhone if they were listening to music on Mac. Another amazing feature of AirPods Max is audio sharing between two sets of AirPods. The personal assistant Siri is also featured in AirPods Max that performs your commands by just saying “Hello Siri”. The smart case of AirPods Max provides an ultra-low-power environment that preserves the charge of headphones. It gives 20 hours of listening, movie watching, or talking time. 





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