Top Money Making Apps

Top Money Making Apps

Ever since the world is hit by this pandemic, people have lost their jobs and are facing financial issues. Everyone is looking for ways to earn their livelihood. In such circumstances, online apps have proven to be of great use as people are earning decent bucks by doing simple tasks. I have reviewed a few famous and useful apps that will not make you rich but your wallet will not be empty. Smartphones are used by everyone, so why not use them for earning money? 


Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten allows you to shop smartly by earning rewards, promo codes, and coupons simply by shopping online through the app. A welcome reward of $10 is given to the users as a bonus. It is easy to use the app and you can start using it by creating a free online account and earn cashback money and other rewards every single time. The app allows you to browse through 25000+ stores and users can make use of the amazing daily deals as well. eBay, Amazon, Sephora, Walmart are some examples of the stores that pay cashback money. Users can get a notification for amazing deals, discounts, and other offers through the app. Cashback rewards are not only limited to shopping but can be earned on traveling, hotel reservations, dining, beauty products, gift cards, etc. 


Foap allows you to turn your photos and videos into cash. This app is profitable for those who love photography. You can sell your photos through the Foam market at and through Foam mission to top brands. Whenever any brand, agency, or company buys any of the pictures through the Foap portfolio, the app keeps 50% of the profit and gives 50% to the owner. Foap is an easy and fun way of earning, where users earn from their hobby. 

Google Opinion Rewards 

Earning money through apps has become extremely easy and exciting. No more tiring jobs and extra hours are required to earn more buck. With the Google Opinion Rewards app, you can earn the Google Play credits even while traveling on a bus or waiting in a queue for coffee or subway. This app is created by the Google survey team. Getting started is easy, simply download the app and fill your personal information. The app notifies once the survey is available. The questions and surveys are related to the product, hotel reviews, merchandise, etc. This app is not only good for users but it helps Google in improving its product and services based on the information provided in the survey. 



 This app is similar to Google Opinion Reward. IPoll offers you simple questions and quick surveys for which users get paid. The questions and surveys are related to the products and services which you have used and get rewarded by giving your perspective. Each time when you share your opinion, you earn iPoll currency which can be redeemed for a reward. This app is completely secure and shares your views with only the survey sponsors. 



Boy o boy!! Have you ever come across an app where you can earn money by……. simply WALKING??!!! Sweatcoin pays you for walking. It runs at the background of your cell phone and counts the steps you have taken and convert them into a currency that you can spend on buying some cool stuff for yourself. This app is not only financially good but can also help you in improving your health. Currently, this app is available in selected countries but its popularity and demand will soon make it available worldwide. 


What if I tell you advertisements are not annoying and viewers will get paid for viewing the ads? You need to download this app to believe my words. Slidejoy adds advertisement to the lock screen of users’ phones and each time users get to see new ads or promotions whenever they use their phone. This app gives the option of swiping left to see the details of the app. For watching a new ad, you need to swipe up and by swiping right you will be able to access your home screen. Currently, this app is available for only android users. It gives the option of using the cash or donating it to Slidejoy’s charity program.  


This app is for those people who have skills and want to make money by offering help to others. TaskRabbit requires more effort and hard work to earn money as compared to other apps. This app requires physical labor and the tasks offered can be related to mounting tv/mirror on the wall, furniture shifting, cleaning washroom/ kitchen, assembling IKEA products, etc. Download the app and choose your skill and price. Schedule your time and discuss the work and price with the person who has contacted you through the TaskRabbit platform. The more tasks you complete the more chances you would get to earn money. Reviews given by people will also help you to gain a good reputation on the platform. 


Who doesn’t know about this app? Uber is a famous app that offers vehicles to offer pick and drop services, food delivery, package delivery, etc. But do you know you can also signup to drive instead of traveling? If you are a licensed and responsible driver you can easily get hired by the company. Setting your working hours and using your car after getting registered by the Uber company, you can earn a decent amount. Uber also gives the option of UberEats, where you can deliver food, incase if you don’t want to pick and drop strangers. 


Earning money through apps is very quick and easy. In most of the cases you simply have to register and start working but in few apps like Uber you need to wait till the company runs a background check and approves your license and some other requirements. Most of the apps pay through PayPal so make sure you have a PayPal account. Choose the app the best suits your skills and start earning. 




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