Ten reasons to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + tablet

In the traditional pros, we look at ten positive features of a
Samsung tablet, while in the cons there are ten reasons that might stop you
from buying. As usual, the balance is somewhere in between, but you can
also read the review of this model to draw your own conclusions about its
applicability in your life.


Reason # 1. The two-in-one device, possible
laptop replacement

We are used to the fact that many work tasks, not to mention
entertainment, are easily solved on tablets. It is enough to buy a keyboard,
which is usually presented as a cover-case, and you can type texts, respond
comfortably to letters or communicate in instant messengers without using the
on-screen keyboard.

But since we are all different, we use our devices in different
ways, then only you can tell how much such a laptop replacement will suit you. For
some, the capabilities of the Tab S7 + and its keyboard are enough for the
eyes, some will complain that something is missing. This is the most
controversial point, since some will interpret it in favor of the device,
others will say that it is still a toy. Both will be right, all this is

I will say carefully that this is by far the best approximation to
such two-in-one devices – a large full-size keyboard with excellent keystrokes
and fast typing, even blindly. I like it – whatever one may say, it turned
out well. And here is the time to say that for many, the presence of a
keyboard does not play any role, since people do not type texts, do not see
much sense in this, for them it is the second reason.

Reason # 2. Superb
screen with the latest technology from Samsung

The diagonal of the screen determines a lot in the tablet, but the
most important thing that it affects is the device’s mobility. It’s one
thing to lug around a small tablet that fits anywhere, quite another – when the
display is more than 12 inches, here it is 12.4 inches. In terms of
dimensions, the tablet in the cover resembles ordinary 13-inch laptops, those
that are called ultrabooks.

But unlike laptops, you can remove the cover here, the tablet is
easy to hold in one hand, for example, when you are lying in bed and watching a
movie. Although it’s nice to use the same cover for these purposes, the
angle of inclination is regulated here.

The AMOLED screen, as in the flagships of different companies, has
a frequency of 120 Hz, which ensures smooth scrolling of lists, the interface
works smoothly, visually it is very pleasant. But the most important thing
is that the color rendition is the same in different conditions, even in the
sun, even indoors – the maximum brightness is such that it makes no difference
where you work with the tablet. This screen is flagship in all respects;
you simply won’t find anything better in tablets.

Therefore, if you like to watch movies from a mobile device or
work on it and the screen size is important to you, this device is definitely
for you. Those who work or have time to do several things at the same time
should also pay attention to the split screen mode.

Reason number 3. Splitting
a window for multiple applications

In mobile devices, many are accustomed to the fact that
multitasking is very conditional, you cannot work in several applications at
the same time. Samsung has changed this, you can split the screen into
three windows, move open applications between them.

This is convenient when you are watching the broadcast and at the
same time, writing something in Telegram or another messenger, peeping at your
notes. Everyone here chooses their own set of applications. Convenience
is clearly not necessary for everyone, but having mastered the split-screen
mode once, I want to use it everywhere.

Reason number 4. DeX
mode, full computer replacement

Speaking of multitasking, dividing the window into several parts,
one cannot but recall the DeX mode, which gives a Windows-like interface for
your tablet. Here you can open several windows, switch between them, drag
and drop files and copy information. The feeling that you are working on
an ordinary computer with an interface that does not at all resemble a mobile

Also, this mode can be used to connect a tablet to a TV, and of
any brand, you can turn your tablet into a computer by connecting a mouse and
any keyboard. A familiar interface for computers. To connect to
third-party monitors or TV, you need an HDMI cable.

Reason number 5. Excellent
work with TV from Samsung – broadcasting pictures from your tablet and more

Having said about the DeX mode, it is impossible not to mention
Smart View, this is the ability to broadcast the tablet screen to Samsung TVs
or to a Windows computer. You can use this feature to show videos or
photos from your device on the TV, for example, when you have guests, this
allows you to show a photo from your vacation or something else. It’s also
a great presentation opportunity. As for me, Smart View is greatly
underestimated. Anyone who starts using this opportunity becomes attached
to it instantly.

Reason number 6. S
Pen and its features

Samsung has consistently developed the capabilities of the S Pen,
it can write, draw, draw diagrams. The number of S Pen apps built into the
tablet is huge, the updated Samsung Notes are great.

For those who are used to writing by hand, this is just the
perfect assistant, you can take notes on the big screen, and it is also a
suitable screen size for drawing. To date, there is no other device that
offers a similar range of stylus capabilities as the Tab S7 + does.

You can read more about the capabilities of the S Pen here .

Reason number 7. Maximum
Life – Chipset, Memory

The tablet is bought for a long time, so it is important that it
stays in shape even after a few years. This means that you need to have
enough memory in the tablet, a powerful processor. Everything here is at
the level of the best devices – Snapdragon 865+, 6 GB of RAM, there is support
for memory cards. For at least four years and even more, this tablet will
work like the first day, without slowdowns, quickly and clearly.

Reason number 8. Fast
charging and long working time

For many, a tablet is a home device, but for those who go out into
the world, work on the road or watch movies, the time is important. And
here Tab S7 + opens up from a new side due to the AMOLED screen, which is
economical compared to TFT matrices. The tablet lives for a long time from
each charge, has the maximum time for playing video or browsing the web,
working in corporate systems. The charging time is also minimal, the
tablet can be charged quickly, you won’t be left without it at the most
inopportune moment. In short, I like how long it works.

Reason number 9. Software
– OneUI 2.5 and above

The interface and its capabilities are not pure Android at all,
but the interface from Samsung, it is called OneUI. Thoughtful,
lightweight and simple, expanding the capabilities of your tablet. These
are the little things that combine to create the perception of the system. The
same DeX is also part of the system, as well as the center for controlling a
smart home, and there are a lot of such moments. Other manufacturers do
not have a similar unity of concept, the exception is Apple, but there are
other restrictions.

Reason number 10. Cost
versus competitors

As a rational person, I always assess the value and how much it is
in the market. 


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