Xbox Series S leak confirms Its Price and Specs


Xbox Series S leak confirms Its Price and Specs

Leaks from the gaming world always bring joy to the ones who are waiting for the reveal of their favorite gaming console. This time the leak is about the Xbox Series S.   


Microsoft’s official Twitter account confirms the pricing of $299 of the second next-generation console. The leaks by the twitter account of Brad Sams and WalkingCat were true. The company has not given many details, but the commercial and twitter account suggests that it would be the smallest Xbox ever. The commercial leaked on WalkingCat indicate that it would be 60% smaller than the forthcoming Xbox Series X. The white, slim console with a black round vent grill is capable of targeting 120 fps gaming at up to 1440p resolution along with 4K upscaling. It also includes 4K streaming media playback. It has custom 512 GB NVME SSD which is powered by Xbox velocity architecture. The load times of the game are incredibly high and have ultra-low latency. It also includes DirectX Raytracing, variable-rate shading, and variable refresh rate. 


no point holding this back now I guess

— WalkingCat (@_h0x0d_) September 8, 2020

Microsoft has not talked about anything else other than size and price but the teaser shared by the WalkingCat looks like the official trailer by Xbox. Moreover, Microsoft has not announced its availability and preorder while the WalkingCat account suggests that it will be available in November 2020 along with the Xbox Series X which will be priced at $499 


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